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Myths About The Green Iguana

people who green iguanas often have misconceptions about them. These myths may be the ability of the person is a green iguana. Some of these myths to Mainicht damage. In some myths desc sind green iguana dangerous for the health and wellbeing. Here are some of the myths about the green iguanas, which you need to know about:

They eat salad green iguanas - The myth has some truth in it. Of course, from the green iguanas are best preserved on a vegetarian diet, you can salad. However, the fact that most species have little lettuce salad nutritional value. Some of these individuals, if it is already too spät to iguana diet. Because the green iguana, which is mainly with power continue lettuce lettuce eat better, even if the food in his diet.

If you want to take care of your iguana green vegetables, you should have a high nutritional value. Examples include Collard, turnip and weichtarde.

iguanas are not moved from their cage - Some people believe that the continuation of the iguanas in small cages because of their wines Wachstumsverzögtion. These individuals offer small cages for iguanas to a small size. This is certainly not your green iguana. A green iguana, if properly supported, can be up to six meters long. This means that remaining in a small cage in the operation erreichent to make your green iguana life very uncomfortable.

iguanas consume need gravel to aid digestion - this is very dangerous myth. Some add gravel or pebbles for a Leguan encloAssurez for you because they think that they support a green iguana to digest its food. However, you must realize that the whole material or gravel to kill your iguana green when it is consumed. You should dieErnährung your green iguana these issues, whether by accident or intentionally.

hot rocks are ideal for heating - some people add hot stones on a green iguana pregnant and thought that these rocks are wellfor an iguana's body temperature. You should bear in mind that the Green UIIGanas are cold-blooded. That is, if a green iguana sitting on a hot stone, it can literally be cooked to death. If you want to provide heat for a green iguana is pregnant, you need a lighting in most shops for pets.

iguanas eat insects, feed for pets and other animals - from numerous sources suggest that auch still iguanas should be animal protein in the diet. But the truth is that green iguanas are capable of un herbivore diet. Til the body and metabolism of a green iguana is responsible for the effective use of vegetable proteins. Animal protein, on the other hand, may be very worrying for them. The consumption of animal proteins can your green iguana to develop gout. It can also cause severe kidney problems. The only Garound that the iguanas eat insects in nature, because these randomly mixed mitur food.

These are just some of the myths that you heard of May, the Green Iguana. In savoirment the truth about these myths, you're now using to provide the best possible care to an eventual green iguana.

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