Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ideas:Beta Fish Without Sensitive Stomach

Beta fish can live for 2 to 3 years in a tank of fish or fish bowl. First beta for fish to be healthy is a need for fresh water and clean and have addressed the water supply for chemicals such as chlorine, rust and other toxic substances. From my experience, I have always used a tank of fish that was tested. Since water is old and has lived most of the nitrating, this water will be more optimal for the beta fish. The bubble of water to the sides and not carry the lethal chemicals. If the fish in his ten-gallon tank of dying could be something wrong with the water to check it before use in fish beta.

Remember to keep as small red fish in your tank, so if the water is dangerous not to lose any more. Do not go overboard and the owner of a fish beta expensive. Beta fish watching fish in pet stores are already adults, and at least six months to one year of age. A charity fund food and health once the fish is bought beta that may lead to a long life. You will be able to keep beta fish in good health center with a secure environment, diet, and medications.It is not a right, but the fact there have been some incidents with the type of water filled the tank of fish. Some people live their reports, the fish are dying because their tank full of tap water. Then, after some of my research I discovered that the source of water or other filtered water and a couple of drops Aquari-Sol would be more healthy.

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