Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tips:Training Dogs Quickly

We tend to think that one of two ways on the toilet of a dog. Some people believe that dogs do not need to be bathed more than once a year, while others believe in the bathroom of your dog every month.

While swimming is beneficial, it can cause problems if done too often.

Dogs are natural oils of your skin and the skin just like humans do. Wash often cause drying, leave your dog at risk of developing ulcers and scratches. Note that some benefits to natural oils. On the one hand, the protection provided by the bacteria of the skin.

Take the dog a bath of pleasure for you and your pet, but be careful. There are some things you should watch.

1. Protect your dog's ears. If soap and water in the ear canal, you can develop an infection. May this be temporary, but can also cause serious damage. The infection can damage the eardrum and cause deafness. There are signs that your dog in May had an ear infection. He shook his head and a steady discharge of the ear.

To ensure this is not the case, connect your dog gently ears with cotton balls. Do not force in the ear canal. Simply place in a safe entry into the ear to block the entry of water. Where is the bathroom, make sure to dry inside the ears, as some water is likely to have access. Use a cloth over your finger. If you decide to use a cotton swab, be very careful not to go too deep into the channel or you can break the eardrum.

2. Use a good dog shampoo, since they are specifically formulated to protect your dog's skin and fur. Soaps can be very difficult and frustrating. In addition, it is possible that your dog is allergic to the scents that are added to products.

3. The frequency depends bathing particular dog breed. The long-haired dogs will require more frequent washing of short-haired breeds. If you have a dog or other furry Spaniel, the timing of the bathroom once every two months. Other races can go 6-8 months. However, if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, is likely to become dirty faster. Regular bathrooms accordingly.

It is important to start the dog away from the right with the routine of bathing water. Be patient and compassionate. Once your dog's fear will be more difficult to swim in the future. Try to please. Dogs like having water sprayed on them, and management in the rivers and lakes.

Configure your bathroom where possible and encourage them to implement it. Use a toy to distract him from the water. At its energy decreased to start swimming. May you want to leave him so that he can not escape.

Be sure to collect all the teams in first place: the soap, conditioner, towel and a container to pour water on him. The water in the hose May be too cold, but the water in the bathroom are heated to a comfortable temperature.

Teach your dog that is the bathroom to take advantage of something and we look forward to its next session, with enthusiasm.

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