Saturday, January 17, 2009

Train Your Adult Dog in house

It should be quite clear why the house-train your dog, and if this is not the case, but we can not be part of this dinner in the next week, after all. But if you want to make your dog to stop peeing and pooping on the carpet, read on.

There are many reasons why an adult dog suddenly back on the pollution of the house. The medical cause of May, hormonal, or manage mental practices. The first command of the company is to make your dog to a veterinarian. If the veterinarian nothing physically wrong with your dog, the problem probably has something wrong with the dog or the bad feelings.

The first step in the house training

The first step in re-training toilets is acceptable to the habits of your dog carefully to try to be a model for his behavior. Do you have a when and where the accident happened.

Are you at home or outdoors, when accidents happen? In addition, a list of your dog goes to the outside world and what you were doing at the time. If you are a model for the behavior, for example, it seems your dog in the house, if you are absent for a long time, you should use it for good on-going and try not to be alone or as often and for so long.

Why your dog from accidents

May your dog have accidents when it is disturbed, for example, if left alone and wants the thunder. In such cases is probably housesoiling with fear.

Some dogs learn a little taste pee or crap, here and there, if you do not have - a strategy that if they do not want their feet wet their legs on rainy days.

Fear of separation is a common problem that sometimes housesoiling. Check the other signs of the syndrome, such as tear or rip shoes furniture after your departure. Zurechtzuweisen your dog for this problem is not helpful and May things. Instead, it tries to desensitize the dog to departure by the bottom before you leave. Warning not to pay 30 to 40 minutes prior to leave a toy or a treat for him in the party, and do not respond to it if you at home, it is quiet and relaxing. If the problem is still severe, consult your veterinarian about the possibility of a prescription medication to alleviate your pet during the retraining.

Your dog May, accidents while you are absent, as it is not enough, had the house from the training (some dogs are slow learners). If you removed're at home, but from the point of view, he can try to keep the house or records of his travels on a regular basis. It is not yet completed, in the house, only one or two rooms for a moment.

There are other reasons for your dog is less on the floor of the house - including the submission to urinate and urine marking. Both behaviors are natural behavior of dogs, but they are not acceptable for most. Lliura urination or vehicles dog crouched on the back and urinate out of respect and respect. The behavior is to submit to an Alpha Dog (or person). Sometimes, urinating in the house can be seen as a sign of nervousness and excitement. Urine marking, on the other hand, the concept of the dog takes its territory, if he believes in competition with other dogs (or sometimes people).Sensitive Stomach Pet is not fit this train way,please note.

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