Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Example about a sensitive stomach pet

Question: dogs for a sensitive stomach?

I have a 4-year Pomerania Cross (about 21 pounds). In recent months, they throw their food about once a week. Then others, it is in order and eat and play normal.

I was feeding her Canidae all stages of life to more than one year without any problems, but since buying the bag of the latter. I know they are on, the formula, but it was the old bag, if I last purchase. I also believe it is still doesn't chew their food. So I'm Royal Canin Special 30 (recommended by my local Pet Store).

For nearly a week, and it is in order, but drink more water, then usual, and I said some of the ingredients are not as good.

Is there something else that is good for their stomach, easy to break and isn't rich?

Thank you

Answer 1 (best)

Dogs, in general, do not chew food ... they usually they swallow what is normal. I feed California Naturals my dog on a sensitive stomach, both have allergies, all very well on these foods. It was no more vomiting or diarrhea in the stomach with the bad. It is specially designed for dogs with the allergies, but with only 3 ingredients, there is not much in the stomach disorders. I recommend to all ... it is a safe food, a very good corporate governance (the best of what I found), and there's really nothing in the food, stomachs.

Answer 2

She said not to chew ... it is extremely fast food? This could mean that the vomiting, when it goes too fast.

Canidae and Royal Canin are both very high quality food. I also like Solid Gold, and some good things about it - she does that people grade ingredients, etc.

Science Diet several formulas for sensitive stomachs, but also use rat poison for preservatives .... if I do not really recommended.

If you have some good advice, you can, after the adoption, thank you.

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