Friday, January 16, 2009

Sensitive to stomach problems Pets

If your pet has problems with food, here are some things you can try.

Cats: Try using a can. Some cats have time to digest fodder. Do not type at a time too, but many cats, canned food until they Pop, and that is not good for all. I Split 5 ounces in 3-4 small meals per day for my cat, and it eliminates the problems of digestion.

Dogs: If your dog has problems when it comes to food, try to simplify its food. Use a kibble with fewer ingredients in it. Sometimes there's simply too much going on in a like a dog kibble, the system can handle. Sensitive stomachs, as a general rule, the best formula with a simple chicken and rice. Personally, I like California Natural for this ... It is easy to chicken, rice and sunflower oil. Add a small cannery in kibble will also contribute to the sensitivity of the issues, as is a tablespoon of yogurt or plain pumpkin doses.

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