Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pets: How to take care of sensitive stomach cat

After a period of caring, my family is no longer the regular cat diarrhea, loss of appetite good or absorption, and finally entered a long period of meat. Following is a cat to take care of my home that experience and to share with Members.

The so-called fragile kitten stomach means they are not suffering from any illness, physical health, mental appetite are normal, but high-risk diarrhea, vomiting cat. Other performance, food and the same age group is not much difference between cats, but the development of slow, dry color, weight, which is usually described as "no longer eat the number of types of meat." When it comes to serious anemia, low blood Qiao board situation. Cat as a result of a bad stomach, so to absorb the poor, nutrition can not be timely absorption, it will cause more than phenomenon. If we found the kitten home regular diarrhea, and not because of what eating unclean food, it was very likely that your cat is sensitive stomach cat. To take care of sensitive stomach cat cat diet starting to pay close attention to the above, controlling food intake is most important. I have been very envious of others at home cat food basin has always put cat food, kitten to go hungry, could eat the left there.

But my house catalways empty, put the number will be going to eat. I have thought that cat bad digestion, then eat more points, so the cat eating cat food on Tim, but the facts have proven that this method for the stomach to digest bad cat is not applicable. Because the cat bad digestion is the result of nutrition can not be absorbed, even if do not eat more than can be absorbed, it increased the burden on their stomach. Therefore, we must treat this cat feeding regularly quantitative, general I was fed four times, as early as the first time in the evening, snacks before sleepinga little bit of cat food. This will allow cats in the stomach before meals active to promote eating cat at the time of digestion and absorption.

Another hot weather, and leftover foods easily broken, so pay close attention to. Second, is the cat's diet. Sensitive stomach cat body very thin, not long meat, many people think it is good not to eat a day, canned food, ah, ah meat, fish ah's. In fact, this does not mean there is not much advantage. Cat's stomach and human is the same as that in itself not absorb water also eat some great things, will add to the burden of gastrointestinal absorption, eating more canned easier diarrhea. Therefore, generally at noon and evening to add canned cat food, cat food only to the rest of the time. As for the choice of cat food, the Royal ultra-small kitten is the best option, particles small, digestible, good nutrition.

But at the same time also to some other types of David Cat food, because the Royal kitten nutrition is good, eat the Cat will be very easy to get folliculitis. In feeding the rest of the time, even if the cat is hungry to eat you, nor can be too much for being soft-hearted, look for a lot of food to cat food can some. There is a very important point is that the gastrointestinal cat must not be sensitive to the family to eat the food, in fact, this cat is often a good appetite, often want to eat one meal at home, just like my home of cheese cake, fried Spodiopogon eggs like a very soft spot for things, but once ate this kind of thing, the result is diarrhea, and more particularly fast, the afternoon will be finished at noon diarrhea.

Can not be frequent-for-food, this would not meet gastroenteritis caused by cat. Drinking water should also be careful not to tap water, nor does it recommend to the pure water, mineral water like. To give water, burning the water cooler and then put to the cat to drink from time to time to keep cats have clean water to drink. In addition to the cat is that some nutritional supplements, such as nutrition cream, but it must be appropriate, this is only used as a supplement regulation, can not eat. There could be some adjustments to stomach the supplies, said a good enzyme powder, used for some, I feel very good. If your cat's not suited to eat once the symptoms of diarrhea, it is necessary to feed some milk enzyme Health, darling Bao like drugs, to help adjust. In general will be returned to normal the next day.


  1. When my cat got older he started having chronic diarrhea. The vet wanted to do tests because the antibiotic didn’t help. I did research and decided to try feeding him raw cat food and his diarrhea stopped immediately.

    I had been feeding him Nutro for years, but I guess his body couldn’t handle it anymore. Now’s he’s healthier than he had been in years. I wrote a full story about this experience on my blog: