Monday, March 9, 2009

about the history of beekeeping

Beekeeping is one of the oldest forms of food production data and 13,000 of British Columbia. The story goes back to the ancient Egypt, where he has been modernized so that all the time until 1860, when the first system of beekeeping was 19th on the U.S. Century Pennsylvania birthplace named John Harbison. After the story was from the beekeeping to collect honey, which is the basis for financial support Apiculteur. Otros geerntet made of honey, royal jelly and propolis, arising from the use of healing powers. The use of bee products has changed little since ancient times.

Many different types of bees were all over Europe and even so far as to New Zealand. Before 80 rolled around the bee-keeping, in fact, not a hobby and a means of livelihood, mainly by farmers and dieEltern, a farmer who lives in a rural community, where canyou to a breeding of bees, and also in the tradition from generation to generation.

In the Asian culture to the beekeeping honey and beeswax (in candles and other products), but when a scientist named LL Langstroth beekeeping has a scientific level, in 1851 to renew the structure of the bee and the extRaible. It was not until 1857 has been found that the bees can be treated directly in the building is ar structure, giving them a bit of wax for a fundaciónción. Bees wax, to the nests of bees Octagon holes used to the larvae, and then, once the honey and took hatch. In the next few years, several techniques have been developed continuously modernizing the apiculture diePraxis, but the invention is not before 1873, was the smoker, which provides security for many beekeepers. Beekeeping is an art that a lot of time and practiceto develop, due to a beekeeper Expert Learn everything you need for information on beekeeping. Basically it was a school in this life, so that everything about beekeeping to a second nature, so you basel'esprit food, sleep, breathe and the art of beekeeping.

The beekeepers have a beekeeper named because that is what the Ministry of Agriculture calls, if you look for what they do. The beekeepers are only small areas of the world's landeconomy, as about the world of its own with the fact that it began as a hobby has slowly turned into a life to earn his living. Beekeepers, the knowledge in Biology in May undEntomologie its value for the market of the bees that are trying to renew and improve even your own system for bee-keeping, which is addressed to the beekeepers who want to learn, the success of the beekeeping.

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