Monday, March 9, 2009

the termites eating habits

Nobody wants victims of attack by termites, but that does not mean that should be organized in the folder you just do with unwanted guests. One of the best practices against a poor start of the invasion of insect predators to understand what the diversity of materials May calling the plants and the effects of the climatic conditions of May limitation on the exercise of their deposit. The permetara of concevoir a plan, not onlyTo combat infestations of termites in the event of strikes, but also preventive measures to capture the termites to your house or land in the first place.

termites eating habits of most people do not believe that termites eat wood, but the certainty that they are in fact on the state of the fiber is located in the forest ... A major difference, because many termites are Lebensmittelhane deposition, and other textiles. Termites are actually nach with their eating habits, and six species of termites, in reality there are only two unovolver usually used for the accident, at home and other buildings. While there are the termites feed on the ground and the termites feed on grass, in the forest, and sometimes for certain types of fungi, termites that draw people together populairesles colonies Subway, and eat them dry.

course is so important for the Ernährung of termites cellulose mixtures such as water. Termites need water only a few hours in the life of each flower, so that the termites may be in the vicinity of the aircraft Brimful of Earth in the time of the staff working in food and water to other termites in the colony. It is important, as the tip of the hommeou work in town is the procurement of funds for the remainder within the termite mound, termite colony husbandry and the soldiers will die if they not to contribute food and water continuously collect the staff, because they are not in the ellosmismos food.

Woods attraction advantage is that all wood is not bent, even in the eyes of termites. Very of termites prefer certain types of scrubland at the expense of others, especially the wood is soft and easily digestible and ventilated. Other sizes, especially for certain types of wood can be found on the other side and, in fact, keep distance from termites.If something is operating, you can help, the wood is possible (and conversely, those who are disabled as far as possible) to the termites of their assets, it is important to know qu'il no real "wood against termites, which prevent insects that is not short distances, even hard wood termites can be a victim of infestation by termites, if you expect less.

effect of temperature and climate Like most insects, the low temperaturetures, the termites of inaction or even eliminated if the temperature is low enough. That does not mean that just because nosombrero cold, nothing to cause concern about the termites, even if an infestation of termites seem to disappear when the cold hardened success, May only to death and deeply happy to stop and more income than the best support. A warmer weather likely to win infestation of termites in the improvement, even if there is enough water, to the colony humming. More important than the temperature of the colony of termites is Environmtes ... as above, the water souventnce button can not survive. If the environment is too dry then found the colony of termites to die outside the requirements of the moisture. Unfortunately, if the environment is very sticky, which can cover a pointer to the infestation, as life in general, most works in Notes environments with high humidity, ands more than enough for the moisture away from the thriving colony.

The use of this information for the fight against letermites. Mientrashay several insecticides and bait trading at the opening of the termite mound and scrap double taxation agreements and mulch to prevent the plague is primarily due to the formation of feeding by termites can help you cook better for attacking of infestation occur should the property . Attempten, an eye on the entire area with beaucoup resting and working conditions of the tissue, and make sure that you are not el access to water timber in your house. Drainage control, and let not boscosasconvertirse in moist areas. Remember that the termites can not flower if they have access to food and water, and your best to make a resource or another.

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