Friday, March 13, 2009

Can the Conservatives healthy cat food?

On this day, and the mighty U.S. dollar UNAG masquerading king, it becomes increasingly difficult to trust the companies with an interest in the implementation of the sell. You speak like a cat with us, or should I say, how you hear what it is, cats, not all make an important contribution to the question of whether we put our cats with a cat in a good food safety.

If you are nine quick search on the Internalt, youll almost all manufacturers of feed for pet brand, of course, their health, holistic, ecological, but in any case, the sale of dry goods.

Just think a minute. Dry food, all meat, only to the temperature. Try your meat in the refrigerator for several days and sehenwas happens.

Qute Then, as the producer of feed for pets, cat food indefinitely at room temperature?

The only way is to preservatives. Despite numerous requests without preservatives, logic says it.

kitchen itself can hold the meat is a little raw meat, but not for weeks or even years.

While meineri could you, I know that some conservatives in foods to eat, and I feel good. Certainly, some conservative does not mean not in a cat, the cat eats healthy foods?

I personally do not believe that everything is good preservative. This May seem harmless at short notice, but in ellargo term, there are consequences.

But apart from my personal opinion, there are laws, and perhaps fundamental or not gutpplique in almost all countries of the world paysles protects the human diet. Therefore need all the preservatives in certain foods considered to be appropriate standards.

Leider not the security personnel in those foods. Or the laws that are still less the actual application of the law people.

Then in May the cat food preservatives, which are toxic. Cat Food Hochsthlenung contain toxic onServer healthy food like a cat healthy for you?

Have you ever heard formalin? Embalm for storage of corpses.

formalin, also known as formaldehyde, iswidely used in feed for pets to keep.

probably havent heard Ethoxyquin. Thats a preservative in the rubber industry. Your tire your Autos.Also what hINANCE in cat food?

Ethoxyquin Veamos history. If the employee in service, they are by the side effects such as Agent Orange:

    constant diarrhea Vision Disorders, including blindness error organ cancer leukemia

    you a little question? Perhaps that your cat is suffering from a kind of organ damage? Here is jemandesd'autres preservatives in foods for cats kept indefinitely at room temperature;

      sodionitrito is a beautiful pink with food and can produce powerful carcinogenic substances as the name of nitrosamines Propyl - now suspicion of liver damage propylene used to the right of the loadingand the content of water is used as antifreeze in the cooling of the engines to 1000 as much salt, which is, of course

      manufacturers can not keep the cat from dry, if you live a long life.

      So, if your cat dontfeed commercial feedingstuffs for cats, which eat them?

      For my way of thinking, the only way to know for sure that you have healthy food for cats is to itself.

      Vor throw one my horror, saying that I do not know how you do not have time to in-game, where

      I did research for a healthy and balanced diet for cats.

      Ive made all the mistakes and how to avoid the traps, I've done it.

      On the nutrition your cat a cat healthy food, youll fewer trips to your vet and your cat to live longer.

      If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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