Monday, March 9, 2009

a good diet can help reduce stress to your dog

Canine nutritide experts recommend should be stressed, the diet of your dog food high in protein with moderate amounts of fat and carbohydrate quality. In fact, stress in dogs can be the following reasons:

a.physical conditions

Diabetes my other ladies conditions

monotony confused and illogical treatment excessive activity
louder Without routine

increase of potassium in the diet calm excitable types, if a diet rich in protein low carbohydrate fed. But such an adjustment of food supplies to the hardest in the research, food and dog behaviourist.

Cuers the impact of changes in the diet is at least a few days to erscheinen. In some cases, the effect of May, only a few weeks. Moreover, the benefit for the improvement of nutrition through May, the negative changes in the environment outside.

diet dog nutrition experts suggest the following:

1.High fat diet protein bars 2.Moderate

3rd Carbohydrates and high-quality, quantities of potassium 4.High

The drastic changes in animal nutrition, if excitable correctly more nutrients are protein and carbohydrate levels are lower: the evolution of signals and it is better to keep the dogs and are less hyperactive reagent incidenteal, unexpected, surprising environmental stimuli, like the other dogs that bark.

Cependant, such an arrangement, that the following changes undDienstleistungen animals are not very excitable

a. best response to the command retention period b.Improved

C.Reduction hyper active signal in response to sudden stimuli

The improvement of food must be complemented by the quality of many vitamins and minerals / amino acids / addition of enzymes. This helps the dog to overcome the deficiencies of thiamine and niacinacias. To improve reflexes in dogs. Additions to diet for dogs, even before the problem starts,

Until recently, people believed that a diet rich in carbohydrates ist for the dogs. But it is now believed that this May, the scheme to increase the sensitivity of dogs to problems. Clinical work and growth of the market for food has changed.

von'Haustieren owners are no longer trying to cash on the nutrition of your pet. Spécifiquesication buscandoindustrializados diet for their dog. How can I tell if your dog need a diet Check the following pointste:

sudden personality
can burst Tendency to avoid known
The extreme sensitivity to light, sound or touch
Reactions to the fund does not lead in the environment.

If your dog one of these symptoms with your veterinarian for a complete physical examination and evaluation of the dogs.

help your dog OHacia vercome hesitation Correas

owners of pets to Unrecht, that pulling on the leash that the dog moves. This behavior confirms that the dog that it is used for all of your movements. Stubborn as the dog does not help.

If your dog lags behind, and further, that the verdict of the dog. Keep a slight pressure on the leash of the dog and praise, even if it is a small movement forward. Whatever you do, no attention to his dog. This is their behavior.

Another possibleity is that you kneel before the remote and simply ignore the dog until it begins to move. Keep in recruiting at every stage, from the dog.

No matter how long it takes for him to go (this should not be longer than a minute or two), which makes fiment. Then walk a few meters away, and if they are not new anymore. If your dog is afraid that the belt on foot, you have the Nuel for the strengthening of trust numerous training courses on the belt. They have no desire to take you to a race where they can in an emergency and get frustrated by your dog. Once you take the time and learn how your dog will benefit from the belt go, it can work with you on your purchases.

Please be patient and wait until the dog starts to run. Repeat this process every time the dog is, until the message comes. Be patient and slow down the progress of the dog if it is not with derVertrauen and the dog correa.Construir May race too soon.

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