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beekeeping and the last

Nobody knows when the first time that someone thinks about the collection of honey from hives. We know that the art of beekeeping has been a long time. The archaeologists found cave paintings to the production of honey. These caves are located in Africa and in the regions in the east of Spain. The archaeologists believe that the paintings were 7000BC. Most of these pictures show people for the Sammlunglir Mields rocks and trees, but some of them showthe photos of people unstung stand in the middle of a swarm of abejass. The scientists believe that the first inhabitants of the cave, something that the smoke had an interesting bees.

The first artificial structures were pottery, vases and bowls made of clay, straw baskets and the trees, which jumps from rocks, from Abeti in nature. Early beekeepers have learned to collect bee colony in these containers. Once a bee trapped in turn containerr in a structure of bees.

Evidence that many old civilizaci niones as Myans, the bees and honey collected.

lovers of Roman history that the bees and honey played a role in the Roman culture. Goddess Mellon was the patron saint of bees.

The Greeks had a great respect for the bees. In the bush. Olympus, the home of Zeus, the taste of the nectar of the gods (experts estimate that the Nectar that the Greeks referred to honey). Greek mythology claims that bees are responsible for the deconstruction of the second temple of Apollo. When he wrote his book, The History of Animals, Aristotle wrote, as the bees were able to identify flowers.

time between the years 1500 and 1851 was the development of beekeeping. The first critical change occurred in apiculture by the end of the 1500th During this time he learned that information about the life cycle of the bee. Once beekeepers like bees live in a better position to tackle the winged insects.

The adjustment of the artificial urticaria has to sit. Like a Apiculteur enthusiastic about the Agriculture, and the scientists who search for more about the life of the bees, the beekeeper to find a structure that allows them into the structure.

An American, Lorenzo Langstroth, the first mobile bee structure.

In the 1850 is the bee was in California. After California, the honey of bees in Oregon and sepresent Canada.

It is estimated that more 210,000 beekeepers currently in the U.S.. In these beekeepers keeping and retention for more than three million active structure of bees.

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