Friday, March 13, 2009

Beekeeping In other countries

Many regions in the world are producers of honey and beeswax for medicinal purposes and food. You will find a large amount of beekeeping in the USA, Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. The situation of beekeeping have their origins in Europe and was only in the U.S., the path is different, and how the classroom is different. However, it is a very interesting psehen how our different cultures form one heart, the beekeeping as ane of life and a part of culture. Cool is that the honey is recommended for most food in many cultures, which are in the religious ceremonies and in the preparation of meals or certain concoction and honey is too sweet. The Americans are usually in cases of bee production of honey for the supermarket and for shipment vers foreign markets and countries that do not lapiculture companies which so far has progressed to the mass for the Versand abroad to the shops and in the U.S., such as Whole Foods Market, where the laity specific markings.

Most countries overseas, not that the United States as a single product such as honey, because we have managed to collect efficiently pouvoirde enough to meet the needs of the market until the season starts, happened in the spring, as the bees are inactive during the winter months and again at the end of March beginning of April Curend of the season 'clutch is for the bees and flowers are much to feed and pollination. U.S. alone will be more honey in the supermarkets of the American companies with its shops and Restaurantsnts abroad.

Beekeepers observe all apiaries 7-8 days in the rule, so that the time on weekends, around the time. Hives do not need much, that only one hour per day between the peak season of May to September. A good season for a Torw60-100 art books and honey, depending on the buyer cmotanto expenditure by the book, so the package is doing everything to help you harvest.

By impeding the beekeepers in their operation and maintenance of the hives of bees are in the big ugly yellow and black, the bee through the flowers, the bees have already visited and these bees live in for they are a nuisance to the beekeeper andalusia swarm at the base. Many beekeepers to move their hives of migratory birds is as secrets, an increase in the production of honey d 'bees and a new offer for the pollination of flowers and feed, so you create lots of different and honey.

each batch of product can be in each of the pollination, or when the structures and the bees are turning to the individual flowers, so that the ground, sometimes with honey May, a different taste, what is the nature of flowers at the time lamigration.

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