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beekeepers in plantations of almonds

Californiaalmendra industry is to the interest of beekeepers across the country. The core of the orchard for the requirements of honey bees is so strong that many beekeepers in Florida violated, with the producers watermelon for the bees on the West Coast, where the rent for their structures and the bees almond producers.

The almonds were found and further away from sunny California landscape. The first almonds were found in China and Central Asia. FriPadres first anziskanischen almonds from California, in mid-1700, before the American Revolution. Unfortunately Padres efforts have failed. This is only the beginning of 1900, it emerged that the almonds, the friends that the Central Valley in California is ideal for the growth conditions for genetically improved almond orchards. Almost a Moia one million acres of California are Dedi the cultivation of almonds. Estimated that there are six thousand almond producers of the State.

Today, California is the only one in North America where almonds are successfully grown for commercial use. The reason California is so effective for the producers of almonds is the climate. Almendros love warm summers and cold winters. Almonds do not like temperatures below zero. Almonds, because they themselves pollinisationn cessitant the use of bees for the production of almonds. Every February, when the almond trees in full bloom, the bees beekeepers createsticks in the garden, so that producers in the enjoyment of a lucrative cosecha.La not the power to self-pollination of almonds for producers of plant diversity of the many almonds.

The almonds are harvested when the split in the tank rises enough to dry the nuts. This typically occurs between mid-August and det October.When top of the fuselage is completely open its time for the harvest of almonds to begin.

While his charactert to collect the cultivation of almonds, the owners of fruit trees, fruit trees must be completely free of residues swept. When the orchards are free of dirt, mechanical shakers are trees. Mechanical tree shaking the trees easily. The case of almond trees. Sinddie almonds on the premises at the end of the dry season. When the almonds are dry to be trained in rows, where they collected and by a deposit in Hull.

diet almonds have a lot of this. There are nur seven grams of fat in one ounce (a serving of almonds is one ounce). Almonds are not the sodium channels and deolesterol free. Almonds are an excellent form of magnesium and vitamin E. Almonds are also a soCER of richesseboflavina, phosphorus and copper.

sixty-five percent of the harvest of almonds from California exported.

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