Wednesday, March 25, 2009

can the cat bladder stones

felinavolver a bladder stone caused by small crystals, which contribute to the blockage of the urethra and prevent, to urinate. It can be very painful for your cat, you should make sure the difficulty urinating and blood in urine. Sometimes the cat on the outside of the pack by combining with litter and pain. The minerals in the bladder may be magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and ammonia, this caused the bubble in the form of feline piedDrs. I think that the vets, the reduction of magnesium in the diet do not grow noque rocks, so that the diet low ash content has been pressed. Later it was found, which is not the prevention of bladder stones magnesium cat, but if you want the cat, the urine was either acid or alkaline pH. If your cat has crystals in urine is not acidic. The "acid" to lsenUte urine was formed and a further development of stones and crystals. Pretion cat bladder stones can be achieved, the diet, depending on the type of stone, such as certain types felinopiedras urine from the bladder are alkaline. The best prevention is to ensure that your cat has a lot of drinking water for all concentrations of crystals so that you can not. In dry foods must Eten, as this is the drainage in the urinary tract, and is against the washing. Another pralablemai tion of the use of products for home opathische urinary tract, your immune system so that they are against the bacteria, but it begins to grow before ino a bacterial infection, antibiotics. The most important thing is that your cat is a diagnosis to determine whether feline bladder stones can be treated to the relocation of other health problems such as disturbances in the ureter, the reduction according to infections, cancer, kidney and bladder in the vagina or prostate disorders.

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