Monday, March 23, 2009

Yummy Recipes and nutrients for cats

I'm sure there are already kahora cat food receipts, which you can use to your cat healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner? But did you know that these foods not only a luxury, she loves her cat, but the best thing we can do to your cat. They are nutrients that the brands that you buy in the store. Canned cat food has not only not an element necessary nutrients, but also affecttion maiIALES for your cat, because certain substances that are not tolerated by the cats. Some also contain chemical preservatives, as carcinogenic (cancer causing agents). Here are some recipes that you can use to create a wonderful meal for your cat so that it is the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

2 meals as vorgeschlagenum gato your life, make sure that young people should never losene joy.

The first is a cat food recipe Huhnmahlzeit by using the following ingredients.

1) chicken breast, about one third of the book, cooked and chopped

2), an egg, chopped

3) clams? Ounces, chopped

4) long grain rice, cooked, approximately one third of the shell

5) canola oil, 4 teaspoons

6) sde selustituto just a pinch of

7) 4 tablets of bone, very finely ground

8) 1 tablet numerous vitamins, very finely ground

This is a nutritious meal, to be introduced with a minimum of problems and can be served as soon as May or chilled served when ready.

Another good recipe for cat food are:

1) tuna, about 4 oz of water reserves in

2) 1 egg desr pition

3) 1 tablespoon canola oil

4) 2 tablets, bone meal, very fein ground

5) 1 tablet a lot of vitamins, very finely ground

These are just a couple of meals that you can do for your cat to make sure, all nutrients that they need to maintain a good health and happy. There is so much more you can search on the Internet. The good thing about this revenue, which can be very easily and can be enough in the fridge for later meals.

The best food for your cat to make sureThat it is the right amount of vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet and are probably the yourself.The lack of proteins in foods that are - from your store or supermarket for animals are not an adequate diet for IhrKatze.

Take a minute to read labels unde? Bags of food for your cat or can. Not to say that this is not recommended that a "suite" source of food? Hmmmm ...

Some cat foodln begin to be that the ingredients include a healthier lifestyle for your pet. But they were not on the market has long been a well-known food. Well, better than gurir. Presinent by the time the best out of the kitchen recipe for cats in a cat of his friends.

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