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abeja Start Your Move To The Next One

you suapicultura task. You have a place for her nest, where it is not protected by a strong wind or be disturbed by animals and humans. He purchased the entire equipment and the deployment at home. You have tried all the equipment and beekeeping, which is good, and are convinced that you are right against the stings of bees. During the winter months is an Order your bees and were informed that their bees have been associated with success. And ahorao have a call from an employee of the postal authorities frazzled politely asked to please come and take the angry insect bites your work environment.

He collected his bees, and pointed out that further deaths at the bottom of the container (which should be used for something not to survive stressful routine trips were invited to Hafener), the appearance of the bees healthy. Well, everything you need to do is transfer the bees from the new screen Tquem have been sent to the container structure in which they are created.

smokers in your hand when you are ready, their new expedition of the bees in the structure. So make sure you have a square structure.

You will be a small shipping container intrieurde bee. This is small stratified, where the new queen. At the beginning of the expedition with a cork. Remove the lid and you see a secosegunda lid is made from sugar.

hofft that the queen in her beehive with. Your going to do in the two tables in the center of his new building structure. Pierce, the best of the best of sweets with a clouo. The worker bees have a slight relief when the queen is already a small hole in the wall of sugar. When using the nail to make sure not accidentally encounter the queen. You're not in a position to buy a replacement, after the Queen Wentre months. Once dhe employed in the sugar industry have Croque through the fence of the Queen will be in a position, the beehive.

When the Queen of the structure in the use and smoking a bit fumel'envoi packages. Shake with Versendunglitt of bees, the care of the bees on the outside of the container and the penetration into the structure. If you no longer able to pacify bees for all containers, the containers near the Structur, the bees that are still possible, a way out of the container and in the structure. Make sure you have a feeder filled with sugar simpledans of the structure.

Let your new bees only a week long. Cies weeks Bees are accustomed to their new home. The queen starts to lay down and catch the bees to honey.

Bee transmitted, how they are related to the structure or early in the morning or late at night.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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