Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marine Fish

Marine fish are not pets, and wants to survive in the tank, as in the ocean. Saltwater fish are found in the oceans, estuaries and tidal basins Salinen. Almost all species of fish caught at sea in nature. Marine fish are colorful freshwater fish, but also more attention. The tropical fish are usually very precise Temperatureratur. Clownfish are a popular aquarium fish species biel compatibility. All marine fish are Tanked for a specified period for uncclimation in the settings of the water, under certain conditions in the aquarium to adjust to life easier. Marine fish are the hardest to keep all the fish. Most fish are vulnerable to seamen under water and do not fit easily into a new aquarium, fish esbesser ajouterdir after the tank was a few months. The reef fish, the dangers are known for not cutting corals, and theyDo not eat mussels may be in a Reef for example, shrimp call. Saltwater fish, also known under the name of saltwater fish need a simulation of the ocean in the aquarium. There are about 15,000 species of FischenSeeleute, many of whom are not in the same Tanque. For this reason, the compatibility of different species and sexes in each case must be reviewed before many of them in an aquarium. Lionfish, for example, can eat and othersother types of Gobi is likely to attack other clownfish of the same sex, if a gender oposicinsitio present. There are many differences between freshwater fish and sea fish, the May is clearly for the beginner aquarists. Saltwater fish even more complicated to keep tropical fish. Marine fish are dyed freshwater fish, of course, are also sensitive to the quality of the water and freshwater fish. In most casesThe saltwater fish and marine fish are more expensive, the freshwater fish. In general, marine fish, as difficult to hold and preserve hatwenn freshwater fish are easy to maintain. Many of these fish, and in their own containers when you dream, a business achaland well with a variety of species, make sure the fish that live happily together, before going into a tank. For more information, visit the website for free Aquarium

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