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Honey The marketing of your space

one of the reasons why people quevienen about beekeeping, so they sell the honey. Many beekeepers have opted for their honey for the local market.

The beekeeper, a local market for honey in general their products to friends, relatives and neighbors. Normally a stand, the road of your product, the sale of honey to their hives to the berries, apples and vegetables, which crecido mant in their garden. If you produce as product quality Susy possibly due to the sale to farmers. Some smaller producers of honey to win enough money for their honey for sale, the shops on the ground. The beekeepers, their products at the local level, usually only a few active hives. The key to the success of this technique, the local market to provide customers with a Prol quality of the product and good customer relations skills. The market of honey beekeepers are often the face of to-face with customers. Often the sale of mielcomo a lot about friendship, as with the product.

beekeepers sell honey at the local level must take an active interest in their product. Must ensure that your screen is kept. Could a lot of time in the design of the packaging. Bottles are made with honey should be Kunststoffund glass. The bottle must be attractive, something that the attention of the customer. Is in the bottle is a label.The label in mind, easy to read. Clearly on the label must be the type of product, honey, and the name of the beekeeper honey produced. The honeypot should be something that the customer wants in the kitchen or at the table.

If you are a beekeeper, the honey at the roadside marchde must ensure that a character that can be easy with the drivers. In big letters to read, the sale of honey. The sign must be eye-catching, but easy. If the sign ist complex, the pilots are unable to read it. Try your shadow on the line, a customer is comfortable, they are more your time and your money in buying a portion of their products.

Keep an eye on honey that is sold. If you find that one of the bottles of honey crystallize immediately be replaced by the declaration of a new bottle.

Many beekeepers in that building a structure in the vicinity of the state of the road helpedbear the interest of the customer. The success of the beekeeping literature give the customers about the art of beekeeping seems to be the promotion. The delivery of the cards, based on revenue, which utilisent honey offers customers an idea about using honey, which they buy. Many beekeepers, to promote the distribution of free samples from time to promoting and working with potential customers.

When prices for your honey be sure the examination of their tiyo and the cost for all Products used to get your honey in a product.

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