Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why cats with scratching post

cats are animals usually wait if the ruins of the futon and carpets, without any recognition of his talent scratches. How this irritating hobby called cat scratching?

Now, there is no cure for your cat scratches ways. In fact, cat experts discourage their scratching because it is high time that the nature of cats.

Scratchcard are associated with the cats, etqui have been involved in the brand. The back of the Bone of a cat are at zero. As your cat increases its claws. Cats have cover to its claws scratching, so they can their new claws.

Do not forget the principle: "If you have not beat, then stop?" This is specifically for cats. If you have no difficulty in the promotion of your furniture, carpets or curtains, cats, and then scanning the heart - could not in your stuff. In return you buy your own Scratch Card items.

buy Posten Scratchcard your cat will provide an outlet for their willingness to nothing. Not only your valuable furniture, but also your cat happy.

Why cats scratch post

A Scratchcard posts: 1 Scrape to an outer layer of the cat's nails. 2. Cats also have the training and your muscles by ampleurcalcule in 3rd game The marker is not only for the scraping, but also because it is exhausting stretch mark itself, the cat stretch iYour body adjusts to the individual. 4. Check the column of divided goals. 5. Just for fun.

regular posters cats outdoors without doing anything Scratchcard or articles, a good place would scratch out of wood. A cat can change in the fuel to Verfgungisseurs or untion and fit into a position of cockroaches. People who train their cats on the front of the box offices.

With the known to the cats with their claws, Kratzer column must be vertical and constant. It should also be high enough, or midrange than the cat, so your cat can definitively from your body indiviso mail. Much care must be based on the choice dera loimail, because the cat is not stable enough for him, he can not re-use, and not his furniture.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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