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your own tool to the honey

Mields to their structure, they must be able to extract the honey bee nest. To achieve this, you need a honey extractor. They produce honey extractors on the market and is usually around 200 $ to 300 $, the average cost for a new structure of bees. Is it a group of beekeepers in an area which is sometimes their money for the purchase of part of the extractor Miele. If it is not in a entrouve Environment for apiculturay do not want a few hundred dollars per extractive honey, you can create your own.

The necessary materials to create a honey extractor a pole made of metal, which is less than a meter long and is heavily threaded, two bicycle tires, two pieces of wood, a Metro 2-3 mm Barbed wire, a large metal barrel, ten screws, the metal rod, vierKTIONEN 400mm threaded rod 8 mm, with an auto-centered, six screws, am Trainer, a block and a pillow. Time, a large metal barrel Home Extractor Honey is sure that he never used to potentially toxic materials. Tools for the construction of an electric honey extractor, a machine for welding (preferably some experience of the weld), a serial and a vitrick.

The first thing you are going to do is remove the end of the drum, which has two holes in the casting, the opening at the upper ends Edge of the honey extractor. No usol coach screws for fastening the wooden parts on the underside of the drum. Once the wood is used instead of the coach over to the pillow block. After the insertion of the threaded rod through the center of the first bicycle tire, scuritad each bolt the rim to the pole EMWELT ten centimeters from the top of the pole. At the other end of the rod to a silk thread, but for the other wheel, the second round of these nuts. If the existingidentical sides of the wheel is introduced, to holes in the four points to each wheel, after this task with the help of the rod 8 mm for wheels locked. With the two nuts on the rod. Make sure nes cm rod offer.

When added to a reduction in a deep groove qui is10mm and 3 mm wide at the top of the pole. Following this thread of the locking nuts at the end of the rod. After thinking about the nuts are on the site of the machine for welding as a Blockade. Connect the cables for the shelves of the edge to the bottom, about 5-8cm from the rim. Success during their honey extractor.

your cart newly created and the location of the reduction on the drum, the solution in the pillow roles. Now many want a second piece of wood screws on the sides of the drum roller and self-centered.

After a screwdriver trepanation on the plate, insert the disk into the slot in the slot at the top of the roscavara.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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