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like honey harvest

obviously the reason for the establishment, preservation and the existence of a structure for the harvest of honey. They know that it is time to harvest the honey, if you look for your great and structures to find that the tables are full of radiation honey bees have your wax-coated lid.

Now everything you need to do it, honey combs.

Harvest your honey is not a problem when your post dedas his vehicle the Bienenzucht wear bright colors (beekeepers swear that the color with a slight impact on calming the bees) and stay calm.

If the super is full of honey combs ceiling to remove the bees from that super. There are chemicals that are on the market that things are easier. One of the chemicals that beekeepers use to the bees Bee is the super-lot. All apicultores to do is to ask Bee-go smoke a Management Board. When the scent of the Bee-bee go head onEnd of the structure, with the full Tolle empty nest of bees on the crop. Another product for the cleaning of the Super Bee Beekeepers Fischer is fast. None of these products are harmful to bees, the bees simply find offensive odor and ask him.

Now you're in possession of the honey comb, it is necessary to the preparation of reports. The first stage of preparation is the elimination of congestion of bees wax were to seal the honey in Nest of honey bees. Many beekeepers prefer pictures instead of ten in nine Super. Use of nine bees fotogramaslas give enough room to comb out that the cap at the end of the tip. It is therefore easy to remove, gel candles. Beekeepers USING Couteau metal to eliminate congestion, the knife is best if the blade is hot, is much easier to cut, hot wax, it's made of wax cold. You can find the leaf is often immersed in a warm pool, is filled with hot waterhe. Many beekeepers use as a bread knife to the cork wax honey comb WMientras others prefer a knife, which was developed only for the beekeeper. Pen, dasstung that the wax candles are made of. Stopper removed, the sewer honey is easy, simply use a piece of cheese tissue to empty the contents into a second pot, honey and cheese discharge devices with beeswax in the cork top.

After the jams are made from the nest ofHoney is ready to be retrieved.

To remove the lid can lesunaolla in the fall not only the imtelbar. Please note that there are a surprising number of honey to the ceiling, honey can be processed and used. There is also a market for the cork from wax. Once the lids are off the shelves of honey combs are ready, after honey extract.

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