Sunday, March 22, 2009

on the causes and the prevention Parva Canine

Noe are two ways that this disease is through contact with faeces or soil. Feces of an infected dog, the infection with parvovirus dogs and May also be carrying the disease to others. Even the other dogs may not be in contact with the feces of infected dogs. The floor takes the virus in the faeces, so that the animals become ill, even in direct or indirect. Riojas people may not receiveNEN Parvovirus dogs, but the virus can pass around. An example is steppci贸n in the excrement of dogs and the transport to another location, at the end of his shoes.

The problem with this disease is highly contagious and their lives for a longer period so that the dogs body. Can the earth remain active and a year later, it is eliminated in the stool, even if the temperatures are extreme. A andererProblem, even after the dog in the back, There will always be in a position to the disease to other dogs in the coming months. Therefore, the restoration of the dogs are isolated from other dogs during a certain time.

The places where the dog has a better chance ill are the places where the other dogs, such as kennels, parks, exhibitions canines, the shops and animal shelters to the company. Between 3 and 10 days vergangenn the period between the infected dog and when they start to showSymptoms. Despite all the dogs the disease may have an increased risk are the puppies of less than 4 months old and seem more sensitive breeds such as Doberman and Rottweiler.

Diagnostic Every dog is different and the symptoms begin in the different phases. Very few dogs without any treatment. If a series vet det laboratory tests and clinical analysis to determine whether the dog canine parvovirus. We also need to know what the Hand in the history of medicine. You must agree to the vet just the symptoms of the disease and the way the dog of the house. Be formed to see if diarrhea and vomiting are not other causes, then the necessary tests to determine whether the Parvovirus canin.

To determine whether you have an infection or not, needs to have a little blood. You can also sample from feces of dogs, to see if you can all the characters in them canine Parvovirose. One of the tests, the ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, a biochemical detection of antigens and antibodies. You are an electron microscope to see if the virus is here. With the robot tests, Veterin rausschussesMai find if the virus is it is in dogs. If the dog has never vacunado this disease, the veterinarian will be able to whether the virus just to see if you have an infection or bloody diarrhea.

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