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life of bees

A beekeeper, if occasionally a lover or a manufacturer who can only succeed if we look at the entire lifecycle of the bee.

The life cycle of bees, is a unique and fascinating.

Everything begins with the egg. The Queen Bee hives is an egg in a cell for the soul by the laying of eggs. Once the queen eggs and moved to another context (for leslie spring, the queen can Durchschnitt1900 eggs per day) the egg is a cell mucus chapter.

When the larva from egg traps. Nurse bees are responsible for the care of young larvae. They feed on eggs on the bee bread. Bee bread is a mixture of secretion from the gland and honey. The larvae go through five stages of growth. After each stage, the larvae from their peau.Lorsque is the larva of six days, the bee is a worker and covers larvae, the larvae caccooning in his cell. The larvae werethe cocoon in the ederecha for ten days if he is the capsule of a young bees.

The average half-life of honey depends on what the sequence plays in the structure of bees. A queen live two years, unless they been able to be inseminated with semen sufficient water during the flight wedding bed. A good strong queen can have up to 2000 eggs per day legens. Your task is to kill their sisters and mothers. The queen does notto provide care themselves, they are always surrounded by a retinue of workers, the bees feed on them and their garbage to be removed. It is not unusual for old queen to leave the nest in spring, when the rest of the structure prepares swarm. Experts estimate that the queen pheromone produitune nature, the hives are on the sex of workers. A queen, the queen called wedding bed cabin empty. Buzz Bee Bees are the Mewish to live only fertilize the queen of the queens during the flight wedding bed.

According to a drone of the Queen dies. During the winter months, a worker bee can live up to one hundred forty days. In voirann茅e workers, the bee is the luck to live forty days, was briefly the life is that the bees are workers Literaturauch worked to death. The worker bee functions are extensive and varied. BieNEN workers called nurse bees are responsible for the care of young larvae, other employees have been in politics for the collection of honey. Some workers spend their time under limited beams of honey, other workers at the expense of soinsen because of the queen. Worker bees are responsible for the ringing of the family in the unwanted bees and cleaning the structure. There may be twenty thousand and two hundred thousand workers of bees in a bee stick. Bees, the workers are always infertile. If a worker bee lays down an egg to a bee of the pilgrims. Bees, the workers are the bees that people see, the defense of the structure.

tcolmena survival depends on the structure of the bee with a routil the sound, the laying. If something of the Queen arrive from the hive will die.

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