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What exactly a Siamese Cat?

Siamese from Siam and originally gained popularity in the last hundred years as pets. They are generally only for the rich, but these days anyone who wants to can be a Siamese cat can be so easy.

For those who do not breed cats with the Siamese, May there is a certain confusion in the choice of this type of cats as pets compagnie.La plupKunst of people do not know that there are subtypes of the group of siamesischen cats. While most Siamese cats Thus, in light of the dark brown color conpuntos on the ears, tail and legs, as a mask to her dark eyes, which are always blue. There are a few species have a blue to dark brown. All Siamese have the legs are longer than their pace before.

verschiedenenten the typical cat, if he does not claw back his song. There are basically two types of Siamese, the potentialas the first one is Apple Chief Siamese cat, the other is Wedge Head Siamese cat.

As the difference between the top of Apple and Siamese cats Siamese corner Chef

There are two types of Siam, the classics, also known as Head depomme and most extreme form known like a coin head Siamese cat.

The head of Apple Siamese

The head of Apple or classic Siamese cat is a cat that is robustand has a far larger body at the top of the iceberg. This type of Siamese cat is larger than the wedge head and shiny and has blue eyes. Many believe that the boss of Apple has more with the age of the Siamese cats, with which these assets were held outside of the corner of the water savings head Siamese cats.

The Wedge Head Siamese

The Wedge Head Siamese cat is much thinner than the head of Apple is older and has a conicalor pointed. This type of Siamese cat is usually what is in the race, and especially cats for this purpose. His eyes are most prone to them and almonds. The ears are much larger than the head of Apple have Siamese cat.

advantages and disadvantages Siamese cat

Pros Siamese of all kinds are very ludique cats. You are very intelligent and great pets. You can use a lot of the same "tricks" to learn how a dog. I habe a friend whose Siamese cat won the roll to establish and in his hand. You do not need much care, because quecorto coats, which is in fact a good pet for those who are allergic to longhaired cat breeds.

In any case, that the brush to stay just that, not to speak of the brush your cat will help to establish a connection between you. If you have a Siamese cat, you want to play with him, whenever possible because they are very social animals and are happy about his time with them. These cats have a reputation stand offish, but the opposite is true; Siamese are very affectionate and love attention.

Cons Although these cats are very ludiquePeut also ueine great climber, if the areas where you do not want your cat to climb, May you want from the space out, you can take your Siamese cat hat just because he can. You can run a good item, the towers to scratch to implement them.

are Siamese voice and speak with you if they believe all anythcion. If you are looking for a quiet cat, Siamese repondrede can not meet their needs. You must be prudent when buying a Siamese cat, because there are many breeders who are not legitimate, and can prevent, it was a cat in the pure, that they are no longer for pets.

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