Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What you need to know if your dog has hip dysplasia

hip dysplasia in dogs is a very common disease, especially for the young dogs and occurs due to the abnormal development of hip . Most affected are the big races and the environment, but may also refer to the small breeds. Most cases of hip dysplasia are found breeds such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Great Danes, Golden retriesWurm and San Bernardo. Hip Dysplasia is normaloffset by the dog of Genoa. Studies have shown that if your dog has a hip Dysplasia, your puppy May, the future development of hip dysplasia. If you want to buy a puppy, it must be the parents and grandparents havent been to hip Dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is also in humans, the cats.

Pathophysiology seinerdass the dog that you are suffering much like the hip dysplasia has the option, or you. If you know at leasta couple things about this disease, the dog, you can draw your attention to perrouna much better. The first thing is that hip dysplasia is a type of degenerative joint disease of the hip joints of dogs. The objective of the hip joint, the reldh the body of the dog to the back foot, with the help of the sleeve and head. Part of the head of the femur is the bone that forms part of the ball. Connective tissue and ligaments to the bone with cartilage is difficult, but as an cojn.Si good your dog is healthy, the pelvis and femur corresponds exactly with what means that all as it should.

But when the dog Dysplasia of the hip, the hip is DESA communities, and do not develop normally. Dysplasia means that the growth is not normal or altered. In some cases, the hip dysplasia does not carry the ball with the intake of the basin, as it should be. In most cases, this phenomenon occurs when the Hftknochen is not. In this case, the thigh bone as a drag sometimes the seal is in bulk, in the Luxer hip. In other cases, the tissue conjonctifet tapes are blMittwoch to develop normally. In this case, the common May unstable, because the support is not enough. When this happens, the bones of the pelvis and the thigh can be separated. Hip Dysplasia is in most cases by one of these problems. The Endergebnis is that the hips are laperros damaged, the weakness and arthritis.

the hip dysplasia is not always in the hips. Soleilou Sometimes one side of the hip sersind affected. The effects range from mild to severe crippling. In most cases, the hip dysplasia will begin on the dog too early, but its consequences are obvious May, later in the life of the dogs. The doctors can not identify the age, even the small, there are four months, butthe symptoms appear only May, when it is an adult.

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