Tuesday, March 24, 2009

your cat Potty Training

cats are the animals treated. UnaLSO intelligent enough to be educated. Because of these properties, it is very good to the owners of pets. Here are some tips for the owner of the Guide for the upbringing of their cats to use litter.

1st Clean is for cats.

Sometimes, even if the cat already in the litter box, usually the tiInhaber estvotre animal urinating or bowel to empty, just a fewge duty of the sandbox. The cat wants to litter, and it can be demonstrated by the proximity of the sandpit nu. Since the litter is dirty, the cat has decided not to use.

The details here is the desire to banish pure cat body waste areas. So at a time periodically to test whether the litter is quickly toujourspure and your cat. Cleaning, where diee sand should also be noted that the tables of the frequency.

2nd Cats do not Indigence Privacy.

your cat does not need to empty the gut in areas Urincomieron or fatigue, because they also need for privacy. Why most cats for something behind the furniture, or in the corners of rooms.

To solve the problem, put the cans of waste in areas where cats should be excluded unstable.

3rd The cats have to be comfortable in the use of their litter.

The comfort is a matter of orieng for cats to use litter. If the cat litter is not useful for their part, why is it used?

Check if your cat is comfortable with open or closed litter.

4th It is quiet.

Most owners of dogs that the order of your pets for the use of sand requires patience. So, after a quick time to abandon or her weight in the formation of the cats. Both measures are injustices.

One must know that it is desirable, the patience in the teaching of the cats.

5th Cats will receive rewards for good work.

If your cat litter box, but do not believe that you are their efforts, there is no account to repeat with your cat.

Make the process with the fine sand and satisfactory for your pet by providing the prizes. After a certain time, your cat is accustomed with drug addiction.

6th More cats = more than litter.

place more bedding for your pets. Set it on the basis of their preferential cats.

general, placement of cats to use bed inside is one thing, to calm the seller knows his cat.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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