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to address issues of nutrition for pregnant dog

reproduccion the causes of stress in dogs women. Each pregnancy and lactation a lot of energy and nutrients, and it is the duty of the owner, from the woman is not a lack of energy and nutrients.

A dog can be bad for the health of the women face numerous problems with urgency. The demand for energy is satisdurch the use of reserves and the tissues of the organism of the organismepo.Some problems are a poor diet during pregnancy:

The event of inadequate nutrition durantecion first stages of reproduction can take different forms. They can include:

a. During the illness of the dog. The problem is not clearly visible until the puppies are born. Loss of body weight, the causes for the symptoms.

B. Diarra bottom and not during lactation. Hard to digests low-calorie food, the strengths of the dog food in to their energy needs. This leads to diarrhea.

C. fading puppy syndrome. Puppies, the normal at birth may, in the cracks and cooling by the fact that has been disavowed by the mother. Lack of energy of mZeit for the care of offspring, leading to a rejection.
's attempts to reunify the puppy from the mother and newborn babies do not follow are hungry and dried, without improvementsing their weight.

D. anemia. Deficiencies in the diet can cause this problem of mother and child. If it's the first novajilla is to improve the nutrition of the mother.

The effects of inadequate nutrition in childhood can be as follows: a.

Milk Tits failure (agalactie). The mammary gland and not the dog, no milk for all. Unless, of course, the restoration and diet is the diet of the mother is better, the puppy sterben.

B. Lactancia depression (dysgalactia). Mamma work in an appropriate manner. This leads to a deceleration of the growth of the offspring

c. Desuficiente milk. The wrong diet can lead to milk shortages detention is nutrients. Although milk can produitfaire in sufficient quantity, the quality is poor and the suffering of secondary particles.

3rd Poor milk. Milk, even if they can be used in sufficient quantities, is schlecht on one or more nutrients.

As your dog attack in the trash

The simple and effective, it is a waste bucket, the lid is closed. You can also use the ina place where your dog can not reach. ToutefoisToutefois these measures do not solve the problem are.

Find out why your dog raids the trash can. Some dogs dig to find a way, funny, taking the trouble. Achieving less destructive to yours dog to bother. Keep your ride in the yard. This should help the problem.

Get your dog to be uncontrolled voids not Akzeptanzder. Burying a tasty Kauartikel toys in their yard and dig ella.Repita this process until your dog understands that you have no problems when you dig into this field. Bald does not dig.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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