Friday, April 3, 2009

domestication of dogs, their training and

The dog in the household, we now know that we think is most likely from the wild dogs, including the wolf, the jackal and coyote . Apart from these three wild dogs, the wolf is the social and therefore it is more likely had the greatest influence on the offspring of animals today. Probably been kept with other species of wild dogs. The connection between dogs and humans set the view that the Zeitspanne between 12-15000 years and, in fact, were the first animals in pulasticated. Tame Wolves would have been difficult, but some wolves would be easier to tame that others - many people have been domesticated by the progressive selection - the selection of different breeds, the wolves are more tolerant than others, or the descendants of wolves may have been from the nest and tamed . The main reason for the diee house and trained dogs have, primarily because, when first starteds themselves, the dogs were for hunting. This explains a lot about the behavior of domestic dogs and May deel today some of their behavioral problems, but it can help some of these problems. Dog trainers, the soul and the value of everything you need to know about the history and the instinct of the dog, if you have a dog, it seems impossible to form, and shows signs of abnormal behavior, you should use the assistance of professionals. Dove CreswellDog is a professional trainer, focusing on Hollywood unll breeds and dogs of all ages. For more information on training your dog and follow the link Dove Creswell. Http: / / / hub / low-cost dog training your dog, not to a good dog, but also a happy dog.

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