Tuesday, March 31, 2009

genealogy List your dog

There are many reasons why the people, their dogs and practice is a wonderful feeling for the individual and the large kennels. Would you like May for your dog obedience, and benefit from testing and is proud of him, you could also an element of competition shows, or perhaps, as other owners of dogs, the comparison of the dogs. There are two main groups of samples: a) Pedigree of the Chiens need your dog in the race, with standards set by the Kennel Club of your Dog saved, and b) All dog tests and trials, regardless of race, cultural heritage register your dog is only as to their suitability for the activity for which they are introduced. If you intend to make their pedigree dog shows for the first time, perhaps make sense to use a professional dog handler servicesvous. Vir will be able to build on the experience and enjoy the prospect of dog do you evaluate dog positive skills. WIf you follow this route, make sure that the dog time to work with your dog before the show. Your dog pedigree in the competition with the others of their race or to assess the standards in their national and international kennel clubs. Countries like the USA, Canada, Britain and Australia have kennel clubs organize events at local, national and international level. Trees can be saved, that in the Vereinen and participcomi in the sample. Crossings are not allowed. Kennel Clubs in the U.S., the different races in different categories, but none of them are transient or dogs that are not supported by documents. Make sure you know what rule tabliestions racial Kennel Club, in which your dog is registered. Read everything about the rules, because if you make a mistake, you are disqualified Entering May, or participation in der consignment. Visit the largest number of performances and events, as you can see, the arbitrator or judge. Guest judge not to competitors, as their choice of winner. If you know what the judges, how can you sorgf ltiginsbesondere the formationItar is your dog please the judges. Of course, the judges required to have his decision on the basis of rules adopted by a kennel club, but each judge has his owngenetic interpretation of these rules. One day before the show, too much effort into the bathroom and wash your dog, the fraction of the nails and cleaning of the teeth, if necessary. This is not something that you should leave until the last minute. In the days of the fair, relax with your dog, go to the show and make out. Whenever possible, you should try to take in which the spectators gathered around the ring, so you accustomed to these new environments.If you feel comfortable with the fact that enambiente better in the ring.

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