Thursday, April 2, 2009

Six things your veterinarian should be regularly

Unfortunately, your dog can not speak, but as its owner, you are well aware of the development of their mood or routine person. It May less alert than usual or to sleep, to eat less. If you put him into the veterinary clinic to ensure that you have all the relevant elements of the condition of your dog, so that the veterinarian is able to diagnose. The six routine tests your veterinarian will be assessing the generala health condition of your dog: -

1 Mouth: In search of the mouth of your dog to the vet can collect a mountain of information on the general health of your pet. The first thing that your veterinarian is any sign of inflammation of the gums or bad teeth. Is it possible that the animal's blood pressure measured by using a finger in front of the rubber and feel your pulse. The veterinarian is the color of the gums of your dogss also. If this is not a good color pink or red, your dog may weaken. There may be a malfunction of the liver, where the gums look yellow. 2 Eyes: Depending on the breed of the dog, your dog has problems with his eyes that he inherited from his predecessors, but if you notice sudden or differences in the yeuxCette May more than a disease of the eye. Your veterinarian will be able to offer a series of tests on the dogs from their eyes easier to determine whether Ihr dog really has an eye problem, or if you are looking elsewhere. 3 Nails: The Fingernagelfalz and nails of a dog to the vet to get some clues on the general health of the dog, too. If the dog a lot of time on her legs to lick, or unable to properly Du Mai damaged nail reads. If the nails are as low or powder that could be problems with the metabolism of the dog, in this case, your veterinarian for further testing and trials toDetermine the cause. 4 Coat and skin: The condition of your dog's coat is a clear indication for the health of your dog, such as the skin. Your dog's coat is shiny, if your dog may pucesAsit two. This is not the case, a coat in poor condition, May is a sign of another type of infection in the system of the dog. 5 Nose: Your dog needs your nose to be in a better position as one of their most important senses. If you have a current Nase, or the nose is not wet and cold is that your veterinarian is your dog to test for a possible infection. 6 Genitalia: As a rule, routine veterinary health monitoring for an examination of the testes Chiin styloIls to ensure there is an inflammation or a urinary tract infection. If you have a dog to the vet is evidence of infection or leakage of the vulva for any ovarian, vulvar or vaginal problems.

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