Monday, March 30, 2009

parasites and other cats Ringworm

cat parasites are divided into two types: those that are outside of the body, including fleas, mites and ticks, and those who live in within the body, including the courts, Heart and Ringworm.

Regardless of the type of parasite that you have to do, it can be frustrating for your cat painful and difficult to remove. Mai also for the spread of the disease, your cat and the thing viel'Angst.

The Motte is a skin disease that encuentratanto in dogs and cats. Although the name suggests otherwise, this disease of the skin by a worm, it is not. They actually caused by fungi, called dermatophytes feed on dead tissue in the surface of the skin, on the spread of the skin.

With the cats, there is a certain type of fungi known as M Canis encuentra names associated with about 95% of cas Tinea. Normally, cats have the diseaseTinea of the items such as beds, the scissors or with another animal that is already of the disease. If the animals in the house or around your house, the moths of the disease should be separated from others, because your cat very easily contract in this way.

If you have cats or dogs under one year old at home, you should always precaucion because they are more susceptible to the moths. The young can the disease, especially if they are from. You can Leicht cooperacion with an object or another cat, the disease. Cats take a lot of time to make your immune system, and until then are responsible for diseases such as moths.

The symptoms of Ringelflechte in cats are rough or broken rice hair or hair loss on the for the legs. Ringelflechte can easily through a plaque of the skin on the body, the itching and inflammation. It is also broken hairs in the parcel box escamosa.Esta skin sehr sensitive, and you should never try to touch or clean, as it bad to your cat.

If you are one of the above symptoms with your pet, you should make an appointment sofortvec your veterinarian. If your veterinarian to diagnose your cat with Tinea May he prescribe an ointment or tablets. However, by assessing the severity of tinea is. When you write your cat tablets, you must create a meal. Ointment, the other isusually the mantle, up to date. If you ever what your vet prescribed on a daily basis to ensure that your cat heals. The healing takes time, usually in six weeks or more.

The cats, the moths must be identified Infecciosos. If you have children at home, should you away from your pet. When dealing with your cat, you should always wear gloves. Ringworm is contagious, and you should always be careful tolet. Although it is a benign disease that may have serious problems Tinea Due to the slowness of time for the restoration and its contagious.

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