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Portuguese Water Dog Race

How nombreel apparently his Portuguese water dog in Portugal and for centuries before they finally replaced by a technology that still uses all the tools for Fisheries of the Portuguese fishermen. The exact origin of the old Portuguese water dog remains unknown, but it is very closely linked to other Hundebruten to save water, which generally has the nouveaur cup ration water, while the Portuguese Water Dog undAblis d in other places. Ohne asugieren evidence that the legacy of the ancestors of the race from somewhere in Central Asia, 700 BC and the Portuguese water dog has been in Portugal by the Visigoths in the fifth century

Among the many tasks of the dog Portuguese water, in the past, in particular:

? The rearing of fish in the
Research? Translocating and system recovery, and
? The rescue of fishermen dump

From the timeof the Middle Ages, the Portuguese water dog from the last of the fishermen in the waters, the life of fishermen in the Algarve on the coast of southern Portugal is much easier. All the time, a small fleet of fishing boats, the Portuguese water dog with seraitl'essentiel of the measure, the transmission of messages from ship to ship, to warn the fishermen to bark when he saw a bank of fish in the dog undNebel with his single "up and down" act like a dog bellt fog horn.

The first documented evidence of water dog Portugal in 1297 was one, where the monks tells how he was saved from drowning in a sea dog with a black coat, long hair and the first rough cut with c么teet Brush with the tail. "known as the Cao de Agua, Portugal, as a" water dog ", the Portuguese water dog is also sometimes called the Portuguese Fishing Dog, Diving for dogs or for dogs to the sea.

Aprincipios of the 20th Century, the traditional fishing methods have become obsolete because of advances in technology in Portugal, the number of dogs in the extinguishing water. Fate wanted a cependantLa Portuguese water dog racing was a Basque Bensuade, a wealthy shipping magnate of the Portuguese, with a fondness for dogs. Basque Bensuade liked the breed and the purchase of a dog named Leao (Leon).

By using Vasco Bensuade that die PPerro future water ortuguese has been consolidated and the breed standard was written before the dogs and then began to exhibitions in the canine. Leao Bensaude dog is the founder of the cage was set up to study the development and preservation of the Portuguese Water Dog Breed Algarbiorum, Leao, and is the norm, where the Portuguese water dog on the basis of the time.

However, Vasco Bensuades despite huge efforts to maintain the dog with water Portugiesisch, from the 1960s, the race was again threatened with extinction with only about 50 dogs in the world. Once again the belle Destiny opportunity to speak this time in the form of two Americans and Deyanne Herbert Miller, Jr., The Millers bought a dog the same water Hafenugais Perra Algarbiorum Vasco Bensuade began in the 1930s (and only after his death from a Former Torero women Conchita Branco).

The Millers name of Hundes has Renascen a (Renaissance) Al Gharb with much hope of saving the race of the founder of the ancienLeaos offspring. The miller's were successful in their efforts in the training of 1972, with fourteen other breeders, the dog uau Portuguese Club of America, Inc. (PWDCA). Today, the existence of more than 5,000 Portuguese water dog and has been racing in the American Kennel Club in June 1981 in the category.

The importantguests achievement of Portuguese water dog races the struggle for survival in 2009 was short as a competitor, a part of the First Family in the White House that the Prime Canine. For lovers of the breed, for example, is a mixture, which, despite the increasing popular awareness of race as an increase of small farmers by increasing the holdings puppy breeds and fly-by-night owners, the dogs are the sudden popularity of the advertising and Buying a PortugPerro Water uese as abandonnerdon the early afternoon!

temperament Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Race is a sociable dog who loves Spa animal that is a good and equitable disposal. The dog is very good with other dogs and animals, including the very well with the children. This breed has a high degree of disorder and the game is more than enough for all the children happy, and therefore makes it anem ideal pet.

maintenance Portuguese Water Dog

As part of their genetic family tree and ancestors actively race dog needs a lot of the promotion of physical and mentally every day does not become a nuisance. In the ideal case, the physical activity should be in the form of a daily swim tired dogs love water, but not after a long or joggingtous day should be sufficient. The Portuguese water dog ist is best if the integration into the family of the human condition. The coat of this breed should be cleaned every two days in order to avoid matting and the tendency, and it must coupe on a monthly basis.

Portuguese Water Dog Features

Health < br />
the biggest health problems: ERP

Asia Minor health issues: GM1 storage disease; Distichiasis, Addison, heart disease, cardiomyopathy minors Dysplasia Follicularis (loss chem枚chte), Reizkolon (rare) inputs (rarely)

Duration: 10 C 14 years < br />
dog d 'water Portuguese form and function

The Portuguese water dog is a dog that is slightly above than Proportionsen . The race is on average in life, good musculature and a ausgezeichnete work inside or outside of the water over a longer period. The breed comes in two variants sign:

? The long-haired variant also known as the Cao de Agua tque Wavy Hair, Portugal, and
? The brackets coated variant is called Cao de Agua Hair Encaradolado.

The Portuguese water dog is a good choice for raza dog for people with allergies, because it is not hypo-allergenic (especially coated variant Klammern).

known as the Labrador Retriever dog likes swimming foot uau Portuguese palms, to the toes to move, while in the water.

The coat of this breed is often used in two variants:

? Trim Leon: In this case, the rear of dogs is well equipped body the impression of an older man with a mane, hence the name. The historical value of this type of seating should reduce wild dog hair half recoveredr of his body was the track where the dog swimming. The cut is located near the tip of the tail is left intact as dense clumps.

? Retriever Trim: In this case, the shield Perreur Portuguese Water is across the common length of about 1 inch in length.

Coat Color:

Good coat colors of this breed are: black, brown, white or a combination of black and white or brown and cueat. For more information on dog

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