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Puppies selection number is certainly no difficulty value

dilemma of too many small of the same age group

If you have several puppies at home and do not know who is responsible for playback. May, then you will want to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of more and more puppies in the same age. Selection many Cubs is certainly no difficulty value

Dan, if you raise the puppies in the same extent and in the same oldrsgruppe it is natural that some of the puppies grow, they tend to be dominant and the leader of the other. You need to know how the education of a dog and arbitrary commander. This means that the puppy grows to obey, not to trust that they themselves do not have the social skills. This dog usually dominated seratras aggressive against other dogs all situations. What happens if you do not dominate the other, ie the dogs a bitinseguroy unable, the ability of the dominant dog, which sometimes lead to problems with stress. Not only that, the dogs, on the fear of separation, if they are isolated from each other. It is as the separation of twins or siblings during their childhood. Beware of heavy fighting dogs


dogs grow gradually introduced their tasks among themselves and are therefore not necessary to deal with too much about the fighting of dogs. ? However, if sI am in the fight against the dogs when they are puppies because they are small, they tend to the body, if there is a competition. Some of those situations in which the fight against them, and combattrear toys during meals. It is wichllement more attention. In this kind of fight, you have to them, and provide appropriate training to ensure that they behave correctly. If this custom is not, then the cachorrosrt injure themselves in the fight,and the dog is always ready to begin development of applications, as it grows. And if all dogs sontde same sex and the escalation of these issues. The comportement training and a back, even if you have several puppies

This is the main reason that most dogs they receive, without which many puppies in her home. ? Since they are a package, these puppies are in most cases with one another, and do not need much attention, includinglielich the need for training devientmoins. So, before you sign up for more chien of these aspects into account. Nursing May, and everything that is not good for you, but I think the training for all puppies and rules of the order of his house. It is not easy, it would be very difficult for you, but not only members of his family, these puppies are committed to working with each other, and their commands undetected.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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