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disappearance of populations of bees

news agencies began reposrting in an alarming phenomenon in the bees in the spring of 2007. It was pointed out, visit their beekeepers hives were that their bees disappeared. The queen bee and some new hatch are what remains. The presence of predators in the diet of the bees leave no evidence there was to be. There is no evidence of dead bees or diseases abeilles. On the basis of a lacks evidence, it is unlikely that the bees was sick and died. However, many beekeepers have shown that the butterflies of the night, the birds, bees and other directives from the new nests empty. It is a natural reaction, when the bees are killed by disease or by chemical substances.

The news is alarming. Describes the beekeepers are losing more than half of the bees and explained the importance of bees in the pollination of Nahrungspflanzen. Some items relate to the disappearance of bees, the hungry. The disappearance of the bees or other tipodenominado "Colony Collapse Disorder is a real phenomenon. It has the potential of the impact of food and the production of honey, but it is much more complex, which have been reported. Collapse of disorders of the colony was in the country, commercial bees. cultiv The bees are exclusively for the production of honey and the pollination of culturesrpflanzen. Because it also seems that the structures be moved from one place to another for the pollination of crops. The population of bees, the bees is the trade only a small part. Africanises bees, and other types of honey bees, do not seem to be affected.

In addition, it is not the first time that the population of bees so sudden and unexpected. Over the years, beekeepers have100 sharp decline of populations of BieNEN several. In 1915, the beekeeper, in several Member States have significant losses of bees. The condition is known as the "disappearance of the disease." This is not the name for the disappearance of the bees, but because the limited and are not repeated.

The investigators have no reason for the disappearance of the illness or the diMinuten of the population of the abeja, and the causes are not yet clear to disruptions to the collapse of the CoLoni. Several options were rejected because they were not interested in all colonies. The bees in the colonies, which are affected, all the feed used different methods, mites and other parasites are in a different way. Fesde bees are not sogarur. The Working Group of the unsuspicious GM phenomenon Pennsylvania are the problem.

There are theories about the causes of the collapse of the settlement disorder.

The bees transport gRosse distances on the pollination of crops can lead to stress, depressed the bees' immune system in other diseases or an interference in their navigation skills.

The habituellement mites feed on bees, the bees that May exlo an unknown virus. causou mites have the collapse of the settlements in the past, but the legacy of evidence, which is not the case of the collapse of the settlement disorder.

A theory in relation to mobile phones such as the defendants, but was rejected. This theory has been in the news in April 2007, "The Independent", the document on a study carried out in the mobile phone connection and the disappearance of the bees, not deep enough to dig their history. The tudeou not on the phones, but in the electromagnetic energy on the basis of units of a mobile phone. A wireless phone uses a different wavelength than the mobile phone.

We do not know exactly where the case is decided by bees or exactly how the decline in bee colonies, the supply of Weltern hrungsprogramms.Der population decline in all likelihood not talked to no sudden disappearance of the human race, which has an effect on what we eat, when he.

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