Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taking hiking trips with your dog

There is nothing on a hike in the lap of nature. As the hectic bustle of everyday life and enjoy life in its natural state, each should be used for the visit from time to time. Of course, the steadily rising, to help us to stay in shape, too. The best companion for a stage, is his dog.

Dogs May, domesticated by humans, but even better if we trata the hard life in the jungle. They have a loyal ally on their side, if you have your dog. There are many cases in which the lives mascotasgs their owners after the incident while hiking.

There are some things you should consider in their dogs on walks along. The most important factors are listed below:

? Make sure that your health oriented suffisammentement with him on the spot. Take your pet with your veterinarian and hekeep your dog checked. Suppose you never had a dog this uncertain journey. You deal with many problems, if your dog sick.

? Suvolver your pet is a dog accustomed to the promenade. We take many precautions to protect the feet and other body parts of the excessive stress during the Wanderung.Sie can not even chaussuresvotre dog. The best is to ensure that the dog for the tension.

? The best way to ds condition your dog for long walks daily. Start with a little more distance and the distance until you are sure the animal is ready for a walk.

? Puedetambion use of activities such as running, the search for the ball, tennis, swimming, and your dog in good shape.

? Once the center for your pet, take care of pressing the toes. The cushion feet your dog must be able to stress. A dog with bleeding of the PelOtte May on a heavy load on the promenade.

? Prepare your dog license and for identification and make sure that the rabies vaccination is current. Call your veterinarian for a chip for your animals can be very easy.

? Never forget that the security restrictions on the route. Ignore them at your own risk. If the track has the dog on a leash made, obey the rule. Imagine also the cleaning ofr damage caused by their dog on the street.

track their dogs after his arrival to your site to hike

compliance with the 'Dogs are not allowed "signs. Not on the revenue voninnerhalb your dog. The smart way is just a dog-friendly park This park can the dogs under the votes for the belt.

Do not take your dog in a park unless the dog has been formed to follow their commands. WIf you have a puppy, to be used ten meters long to the young people at the time of the call. If the puppy does not follow, the under control.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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