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simple instructions for termites

The most basic definition, the termites are small insects that eat the burying of wood - in particular the moisture from the wood - and look like small white ants. But there is much more than that! Currently, the termites are social beings - like us - with a social life, dealing with the life-settlement

It is - are the levels of the hierarchy of termites, such as in human life. Because insects are tellementtions, such Configuration the best for them because they do not have the same powers as the people can do to make things. But things, no doubt to do!

There are basically five levels of termites, the worker, the soldier, the reproduction, the king and queen. The distinctive character of each of its role when it comes to the colony. Termites have long returned as "white ants", and there are few - very few - similarities between the two Arten.

The ants live in colonies on each execution functions Conen community. They all work together to ensure that all live in peace, that they are food and shelter. Not if the difference of man, is not it? However, termites and ants can be to the detriment of our structures, therefore Qute wollenons not around.

That's why we need a better understanding of how the workers from the colonies. If we consider this part of her life, coulden we better fight. Of course we are talking about termites - that is what this article.

One starts with the worker termites. The employee is at the lower end of the termites in the settlement of termites. There were further efforts with the lowest and the recognition and satisfaction of work well done. It is a good thing and not the man could be an uprising! Especially not right termites EU requires little about the work they do!

worker termites are soft, light patches rarely more than 10 mm long, like grains dearroz. Rarely out of the darkness of the tunnel, which the colony through the soil and the wooden buildings. Twenty-four hours a day, the fodder for the Futteration, hold the nest, and tend to the queen and his descendants. Asia Minor, called nymphs, married another, and the food and others in the settlement.

worker termites are the people on the often"little white ants", the most. Workers represent the majority of the colony populci贸n and are responsible for the care of eggs, the construction and maintenance of votrepanneaux finding Nr.urriture and nutrition and the care of other members of a caste.

worker termites are often seen when a piece of infested wood is broken, what are the termites. If they are exposed to light, you will find that the insects quickly. You instinctively know, becausess the heat and sun are enemies.

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