Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Art Of Cat Training

cats are brought up and through trade or rewards. An example of this type of action is when the cats come running when they hear the crackle sack of food, or can opener sounds. Cat sounds are working regularly in the diet of the prices.

Please note that your cat must be examined in a strict sense, even if the veterinarian to ensure that no pain limited companies in the wellbeing of your cat,dienoch be enlarged dudont formation and intensification of activities. Advance to your cat at the request do good works, which really is now negotiating a delicious meal or a toy that you want that price.

When saying "good" and offers a range of luxury to say, your cat is in the words of his text, even if later the food is not free, and the future. Instead, food reward, you can chat in your agradable Spiel friction or behind the ear.

With the use of care and the expansion of optimism your cat is ready to learn the behavior and the basic instructions or commands.

These are the guidelines for the classroom:

1st It is better to have an orientation Kittens. Be in the further course of the year. The debt has not yet been disposed not to renew, a bit unexpected.

2nd The use and expansion of heavy punkt in all confirmed hour. A gentle hug, clip, or a subsystem, which a significant hard or bitter words.

3rd Limit the time of the year. Time, but it is great. Normal gatosmente have barely covers the awareness and importance, it is much more to have four to six sessions of five in this report, during the day when one or two hours training.

4th The mere fact teach within. This is pourvotre cat is not distracted by other neighboring pets or be provided by the plant as a promotion.

discipline must thoroughly with a good cat, but the harsh penalties should be avoided. In exercising your cat, to reduce the actions required for the administration positive. Cats were not used, certain sanctions, such as fts or to scream. , In connection with the regularity that they acted wrongly assezavec them.The result is that each is used for pets and love out of fear, not the result, which has a warm and loving relationship with his wonderful cat

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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