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gross honey is to be processed

After the beekeeper collects honey immediately after harvest, because it crystallizes in the meetings. It must be heated between 150-170 degrees and transported the bacteria that causes botulism, which can be dangerous because it is the bacteria that cause food poisoning. The honey is sweeter than table sugar, but the problem with the table sugar is that it is genuine, bleached white and brown is believed azcar. The honey is pasteugen to killing of bacteria such as botulism, to ensure they eat or the food.

not actually golden honey, this is really white and pasty looking, before it is cooked, that burned. Honey is also a goal of medicine and in many vitamin without gross honey has a high level of antioxidants and enzymes to aid digestion and other PROPIl'ge health.

What the honey, which gradually takes the place of corn syrup in many Lebensmitteln that we today, because it was causing diabetes, because people come in larger quantities. The honey is used because it is obviously from corn syrup to be. Honey is also present in beer and other beverages such as tea and it is very easy to set up a useful product package provides Apiculteur many in the limelight of high quality for the production of honey. Over the last 2700 years in the history of honey was in medicine for the provision of assistance to thetopical skin rashes and skin irritations, disease known as MRSA (pronounced Mersa-resistant to a particular type of staphylococcus infection). Honey is also good mixed with a little lemon for the treatment of laryngitis and was used to treat my ladies infectious diseases conjunctivitis (eye Rosen).

There are 7 different types of honey can be treated are common comb honey is heated by pasteurization and Behandlung, and then you have the raw material of honey, which is the basis of honey, pasteurized milk, mainly in the shops today. Parents are asked to caution by giving children the honey because of the acidity and the potential exposure of botulinum bacteria. It is therefore advisable comer honey has been pasteurized, because they do not know this kind of exhibition that the bees produce honey has been around so that it can eat honey was pasteurizedtion or by a farmer of organic gross, because the honey is probably the safest type of honey, you can not eat themselves from harmful bacteria.

Many beekeepers try it with honey to produce organically because they believe produccid'un product using pesticides and harmful chemicals. If something is organic is the best choice, because farmers only to a single product on earth that have not yet been processed with chemicals. Organic farming also has the standards in relation to what it expects the market for products and beekeeping in general about the natural way over something when it comes to honey production.

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