Thursday, April 2, 2009

Apple Orchard and bees

The country is full of apples orchmas. Apples are apples to buy in the supermarkets come. Potatoes from potatoes grown in the orchards. People who drink apple juice and cider to enjoy the products by the owner of a garden for the employees. Without trees there would be no apple pie. The world would be sad without the apple.

In the spring, the people see and apple ordered nachdie commanderange of trees, their branches in tque fragrance scent of apple flowers. In the summer you can walk you through the orchard and the same trees, leaves shine in the sunlight. In autumn, the trees with apples, crisp and full of juice. In winter, the propagation of waves is widespread and the branches were covered with a layer of snow brilliantly. If you quit to the art to recognize that the trees, which, unlike me kind of agriculture is the only time, work that anyone who works at rboless isWhen the trees are heavy with fruit, and the farmers harvest the apples. T is not long, around the garages to start thinking about how easy it would be a garden. If the possibility of an orchard with apple comes, these people can not walk away from the opportunity.

The reality is that vielee mqui have an orchard of apples and potatoes, and then to collect the money.

The occasional out of faith, a fruit garden with apple, not a lot of work, the reality is that much more strenuous work in the maintenance of the garden. The trees should stand. The trees should be sprayed protection against insects and percussion. Besides dealing with the wave, there are many general, which must be addressed. There is also the task of removing the old unproductive trees and young trees.

The next thing, when the purchase of an apple orchard on the size of the plantzen. According to the experts an orchard of apples must be at least ten acres in size reach the profit threshold. Is the balance. In theory, a garden, a larger profit margin for the owner of the garden, but aussin is a large garden that the owner to buy more than insecticide more trees in turn recruit more and more money on the hardware for the maintenance of planting and harvest the crops of apples.

Perhaps the greatestte error, the newcomers POMMERAIE the business during the period from the spring, the apple trees in full bloom. For trees to bear fruit, the flowers must pollinises. Although the wind can pollinisationment the flowers, the better abeilles. Many of the new owner of a garden, think there is enough in nature, the bees for the pollination of apple trees per hectare. The owners are a hypothesis, which could adversely affect their performance annually. Experienced that the owner, to profitability of crops necesitao with the beekeepers. The rental of the poles of bees and beekeepers. beehive beehives in the orchards. Help Zusatzfunktionenntaire pollination of bees.

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