Tuesday, March 31, 2009

honey in the streets for sale

The road is the location of a site in rural America, that the lemonade is in the city. If someone is a garden of production of the remaining farmers to haul an old table, the task with baskets of fruit and vegetables and a slap in the face for the signing of the sale in front of her. The same road, for their marketing booth more fruit and vegetables can also be used to their surplus honey, that was his balancementruche.

If we look at its position on the road, you need to tomarAseg rese a sign that you sell honey. The characters must be easy. The letters must be supplied with ink or paint, contrasting with the background of the signal. The sign should be large enough to carry in addition to home should be able to read easily, such as its position on etPas street. Make sure that the kanngut visible from the street. Keep your letterfold, the character to its position on the street is not the place for the practice of writing in practice. Number of vehicles to try a long spiel on a piece of cardboard is usually not a good customer. Not a pretty picture of the bee in your characters that people could be fooled and believe that a warning is possibleble attack.

Before you and your honey pdass a second investigation. Make sure that the honey has been strained. One may nicht the dirt, wax or other groups of foreign substances in honey. Take a minute and wipe the outside of the bowl with a damp cloth and an indication of the ACV. Make sure that with the drying before the suspended dust.

If you offer your customers different types of honey. Give them the opportunity to purchase desr Honeypots, from the couches and also invited to buy a comb honey, honey is always buried behind the cork from wax.

Offer your customers a variety of containers carioey. Some people avoid buying large containers of honey, because they are afraid that the honey crystallizes before they had a chance to use them.

not be afraid to market and other produitsmiel. Do not hesitate with the sale of flowers, corn, peppers or bananas. Different foods in a variety of colors with which you are on a road lBavarian flavor.

If possible, try to use its position on the road in the shade of the terrace. The shadow of your production seems fresh, and also the customers to stay, that the goods. If you find that product begins tired to replace him.

If you saleswoman of vegetables that are not wenigr finding vegetables sprayed a fog of water. Drinking water, if from time to time.

You can mingle with their customers. Customers are more willing to return trip at the foot of a road if the owner is very friendly and cheerful.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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