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examination of insect bites allergy

A or only the reactions to the earlier damage caused by insects in a better position to view the responses to any cruel tingling.

It is important for the welfare of the nurse transport operator know that you have been stung, and if you are the reactions in the past. , Ie the power that the trouble all medicines for the pain are full and in the course of the limitation rntworten. Non-cropn preparations or other treatments that you fully May.

The physical examination is most important, the evaluation of insect bites. Weighted with the blood and the pulse is constantly reviewed to be done, not in shock.

The investigation should also extend to the skin and the seeds for the growth of the lungs to breathe, and the increase of the respiratory tract or solid blister obstruccion. Unicht ECG or chest X-ray May be ordered, but it ist is not necessary for each task. The laboratory tests are usually not helpful. For most insect bites, house of fear is all that is required.

When the stinger into the skin and is usually under the stings of bees at a distance is fast. Can you send it by rubbing the spot with a praise, or even perpendicular to the machine can Haut.Nagel small. Pinch to press the shoot is not desirable because it more G Mayift inject.

When the pulsation in the hands or feet, where the rings or jewelry worn compact assembly, they must immediately before the edge onion grows any Horde avoid compression of the blood in these areas.

take a pill antihistamine like diphenhydramine (Benadryl). Helps in combating one of the mediator response and help the anxiety. Untaken diphenhydramine is available without prescription. Warning - this product most people to schlafen, organization or operation of the machines in good condition. Could be taken every 6 hours for the first, in anticipation of the boiling begins again.

hydrocortisone cream, ofertarojo on the challenge, it is impossible for May, the field of intelligent insects to alleviate the itchingSounds. sodium bicarbonate or saline solution and water, rubbed on the skin, may help.

more dangerous reactions, the identity that is not recommended. Attention to the nature of the donor or 911, depending on the severity of their symptoms. Not tried manually. If you are not a need to immediately call an ambulance.

If you have difficulty breathing or whistling breath sounds, d'nasal inhalation as broncodILATID Albuterol (Proventil) or epinephrine (primate dung), if it is available. The inhalation of drugs that widen the airways.

If you have an epinephrine kit, SPRItzen because they were loaded manually. The kit provides a premeasured dose of epinephrine, a drug that quickly tilts Regulation worst symptoms.

viewers RCR administer to a person who pervon lack of knowledge and Dejun breathing or pulse. If possible, you or your partner must be prepared to say that the medical staff, the drugs of today, which is taken, and any known allergies.

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