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signs and symptoms of cat diabetes

cats are one of the mo st popular animals in North America, with good reason. They are lovers of animals, capable of many years by the company. Like other pets, cats sometimes sick. There are several types of diseases that cats can, which is one of the cats diabetes. Feline diabetes is a disease, but by a veterinarian.

ll diabetes is more common with people who have cats or other animals. The cause of diabetesit is actually quite simple. Sugar, glucose, is in the blood. The amount of sugar in the blood in the body or the animal are determined by the hormone insulin from the pancreas. T-he, when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, diabetes is the cause.

The symptoms of cat diabetes vary. The most common symptoms include Aumenta in the urine and increased thirst. The other symptoms of diabetes cat loss of appetite, Gewichtsverlust and a bad situation. An increase in thirst is easy to recognize in May EASIte opinion Empty water throughout the day.

If you do not your cat for treatment of diabetes immediately cat, the cat eventually inactive, vomiting on a regular basis and, if necessary, fall into a coma. However, if you are one of the traitementmentDiabetes in time, the cat is more than probable that the head of a normal, healthy. Note, dass C treatment is not in the night, it takes time and dedication.

The cats, cat diabetes, taking into account the food at the same time every day. Distance to leave as well. If your cat has diabetes, youll need insulin injections, or once or twice a day. Once the cat , dira you how many shots and the amount of insulin that you need for your cat.

Before your cat out in hisSulin, you must always ensure that the food first. If it did not come to him and a blow in any case quit scorvej贸n with hypoglycemia. This may also occur, too much insulin, too. Hiccups can be very dangerous and must at all costs. If your cat has a stroke hoquetarent glycemic control and who ultimately die.

If you have insulin injections for your cat because cat diabetes, you must always keep an eye on him,after administration of the vaccine. After your cat has been the insulin during a time when your veterinarian May reduce the feline insulin. Although May, insulin, to the rest of his life, a healthy life of others.

You besoin monitor nutrition your cat very closely during this period. If your cat insulin injections under the supervision of your veterinarian, it is essential that if you, your cat to a low carbohydrate - statementren your VET FIRST!

It is very important to carbohydrates in the diet have a cat, but it is "tunnel vision" in the diet. We must derkeit on the quality of the ingredients in the foods that feed our cats - not just carbohydrates.

The two issues (the quality of carbohydrates and nutrients) are important because we have cats children as a whole, not just the disease diabetes. / go/18561 "target =" _blank "> Commercial cat diseases your cat can cause.

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