Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is Your Cat Overweight? It's not your fault

Lamejor feed for pet-shop for your cat cat at home? After all cats are the experts of companies ... Huh? Quite apart from the fact that everything you need to do is, a box or bag and flat. So in May, there is not with those who differ. They feel at home cat food is the best alternative.

In the days on which people have no direct access to the purchase of fodder Handel for the cats, ate what was available, which is essentially the house cat. You will never have long haAviso cats? Seest thou not a cat, when we are at home. Then there is something in the diet of your cat is eating a little healthier than canned varieties.

For sure all of them were in the news lately for the dogs and the people who could alimentation health if it is cooked our own food, instead of just opening a can.The truth of the matter, you can feed your cat is a house cat or something that can not be eaten cooked, and eat much more than the storage of finished products.

feed for pets May is not all dietary supplements, the cats need daily diet acquittal. The power supply is venirtion with extremely high temperatures, leading to a loss of vitamins. Another addition of animal fats. If these are in the Cat food for the attractiveness of your pets, you're the food your cat is with the food that you eat junk food forever.

Although animal fats and other preservatives seint added enough to your cat very overweight, develop enfermages and they lose all their energy. You do not feel, like the leap of imagination and continuation of the mouse. They are lazy and fat. The first thing to think about cats are born tothe hunter and the catch of their diet.

If you eat meat, the nutrients for good Fulmer.

If cats are domestic animals of today, when the game was canceled. Instead, the bulk of the time, where they are fed and cat food in cans, the result is that the cat, the couch potatoes. Only through the experience, many people have found that the diet for their dogs a healthy diet is of courseing that to live longer and healthier.

If you are one of the products containing meat or right, do you believe that your cat prefers food that maisonun the cat? Of course it would be? What do you prefer? Something that a can of artificial flavorings, preservatives, animal fats, meat and products, or rather something that you did.

The cats are the same, and usually even more than what we finiky. You have no chats at home.

Changing diet is for your cat to their health and prevent premature deaths.

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