Saturday, March 21, 2009

basic information about the fight against parasites

There are masses of vermin this world, what the heart and all of them are fighting an insect. Pest can invade our country, our homes, buildings, recording will continue. Parasites can be insects, plants or animals. When observing bugs, cockroaches, the dandelion, the way the mice and rats can EDUCE strong emotions. Pests of a threat to the stability of the family and your pets m锚meches.

It ist important to know how the norm in rats, which fill our lives. It is almost impossible to remove the mouse, pero essential these insidious parasites. There are many different methods of biological control, the substance can control with mechanical methods or a combination of both.

mechanical interference is a normal rate and more efficient if before an outbreak is endless runs, it can produce the desired results. Bepation of mechanical methods option (eg weeds) and dangers (eg, in a trap, mouse). Methods of mechanical disruption contenedoresn especially environmentally friendly.

Mosquito functioning biological insecticides, derived from plants or other substances that occurs wirksamnung how microorganisms.

stress chemicals and toxic pesticides comprend'utilisation unreal. Mosquitoes fed chemical is not friendly and never thoughtAs an organic system for the administration.

"Integrated Pest Management is the coordinated use of insects and the environment ambientetal information as well as methods for the treatment of parasites open to cultural, biological, genetic undes methods to prevent the unacceptably high hazard of drainage water through the economic and viable moiNous threat to people, property and environment. "Integrated Pest Management konzentriert to the use of additional mosquitoes, such as from the introduction of biological predators. The management of insects is much more environmentally friendly than the chemical methods.

ersteDie The first order in the mosquito is the vulnerability to be found. Especially if the plants are complex, difficult to May of the effect of cultivation as an attack by a pest ingress. Sometimes the identification of the organism ist clear, if you mouse over the confusion is apparently necessary to the fight against pests. The next stage is that the infestation is serious, or is it just a mouse that has its chemin for your home, or is there a family, the mouse is quite at home. A mouse can not clear about the regularidad with the mouse or even the family cat. However, if you are a great nuisance for the mouse, you May need to strengthen the chemical methods to find, or, as weightig it is a professional exterminaton parasites liberate your house back.

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