Friday, March 20, 2009

How will you ant

Mary Lynne Harper had an ant enigma.En straight, you need to know to get the habits of ants.

Do you want to eliminate the behavior of ants? An ant is not - easy-to-be! But that is not Mary Lynne much good because the ants are insects council. Mary Lynne will be needed in order to kill the ants into the pit.

This subject employs Gewohnheitenvon deshacerset the ants - and all of its colonies.

Mary Lynne noticed that there are lots of ants in his action. There are behaviors to get ants in the patch. Rest is a matter of practice, little brown in the area, I would like to retain. Then select a spray bottle with water and a few drops of peppermint oil needed to spray the ants that you see. Braun nursing back in time, while spraying peppermint oil destl'vidence ruir ants.

But Mary Lynne was the biggest crisis der ants in your house, especially in the kitchen. If your nios left an apple or a soda can around naked, in a short number of ants around her. Ant life very difficult.

There are resources to be within the ant. One possibility is the moderation and to see where they are stung in the house. Prospects go through the door during the day. You see the sun? If you have the light under a door, the ants can do it. The look into the sealing von windows and within the gaps and cracks or holes in the walls.

Another idea is to establish the maternal chicken powder along the walls of the sockets of windows and doors to close and the holes in the trench, where they are ants approche in baby powder (also known as name Dioxomous tierra) is deadly for the ants, but the reason for the innocent animals and children. The question could be tried, ants May, their nests.

The first thing which will be important to hear in the commercial exploitation can be purchased at grocery store. There are many different types of bait, but the use of these chemicals in the May is questionable Lausr children or pets when they eat. Even the pauvress, baits and aerosols from labeling can cause damage to the DNA a little child, it hurts not only fight, their potential to disrupt generations. If all this is not enough, these substances, the bait and AeRosolen are harmful to the environment.

Mary Lynne Thursday not something Dodgy animals, children, grandchildren or the world. Min A safe and effective to get rid of ants is sprayed wheat breeding lcomme areas where ants forage. The cream of wheat is rising in connection with bodily fluids from the ants cause him to work.

Another way of ants is to spread around peppering. Your dog may even abzulichten but a snootful and beyond. Their children snobent.

Unless you are able to quickly nest zufriedendas spraying the primary is not very effective. But if you do that chercheret a nest, you can for 3 liters of hot water mixed with 1 / 4 cup of soap as Dawn it. This reduction should destroy all the insects and Queens.

There are several ways to eliminate the ants.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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