Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not Your Cat Urine in the house

Anytime your cat backs himself to a door or another item in his house, lift the tail and the initiation of urine - you have a problem. This is known as a hard disk with powder, and it is very universal, with cats stay. Still very undisciplined sidewalk, is a setback, which can be solved.

Contrary to what many think, spraying is not a sandbox dilemma, but with a lot of headaches. Cat urine contains Asperge Pheromone, a substance that cats and other animals for use Communiccion. Pheromones are a bit like the man with the fingerprints that are used to the cat to other animals.

When the cat sprays something, it's just marked his spot by their urine. Spraying is strictly the cat on the way to a letter from the other know that their cause. Even if you can vie foufrustrant, explain your cat angry, whatever. If you have a Erklrung or your anger for your cat, you May very well in the syringe.

The cats are in their intensity are without doubt the smell of urine. In the heat of the cats, the syringe is more or less an invitation for you. Sometimes cats spray hot, while the result with a range of cats, in the middle untaughtdes river, up to several months. Be illegibly cats tend to not only the enthusiasm of the syringe, as some of the spray in encounters with other cats, or if the feelings are underlined.

When the syringe is a means of communication for the cats, the smell of the population is alarming. The good news is that most cats will spray in their adult lives past. If you have a cat that has never been internal, spraying can be an obstacle. If you have noticed, spraying vousdoit home to act and do something immediately.

effectivelys and easiest way to fumigation, which is also your cat sterilization or sterilization, which obviously depends on the gender. Most men who neuimpiden spraying occurs on the same day they have surgery. If you do not want your cat sterilized or sterilized should aSonstige options. If the prospect of a race day of your cat, the ciertamentet do not want to be sterilized or sterilized.

The best thing to do is trains your veterinarian. It is able to provide you with a lawyer, and perhaps explains the dilemma of surgery needed. May, there is a problem, concerning the examination of the cause of the problem, your vet can sort. You should always be something for the second pulverErisa starts - simply because Katzeurin bad smell and may be delayed, which points to its porcsar.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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