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Tinea and tapeworm chats

All cats will be followed by a gusanoNo a point in their lives and many will again, unless they have an infected program dparasitage. The removal of worms is relatively simple and affordable, regular treatment is recommended, particularly in some types of worms can be connected to the people.

What towards cats?

There are basically two types of gparasites uERWENDUNG cats - round and flach.

Ascaride are up to 15 cm long and white. As the name suggests, they are round, flat flat. Tapeworms can be up to 60 cm long. The two courts, and some live in the intestine of cats (with two other types of small to rely hookworms and whip up). These are parasites that live on cats in the lungs, heart, stomach or bladder.

How many are? to treat?

There are very effective treatment, to kill. Obwohl all products of some Sonel against certain types of worms and not others. Your veterinarian can advise you which product is best for your cat. Worms are so frequent that it is safe for all cats, cats with chips, and the animals that are regularly taken infECTAD fauna. The pups must be equipped with everything Wormers 2 weeks, from 6 until the age of 16 weeks or more cats, all 3 months. You should contact your veterinarian for your pet.

How can I change the ballots in my cat?

immature to be of a mother to her kittens when they are still in the belly of the mother or through breast milk. Round INTEStion grow the young cats, portant thousands of eggs in the stool. Most cats, the development of immunity and not the eggs, but some continue to do that, in the course of his life. The eggs can survive for months or even years in the soil before deinfectar in another animal. To his way into a new, either directly (if eaten by a cat) or indirectly (by ingestion of a rodent, which is food for the cat). Immature to survive even in a cat infected tissue and can develop if you want a cat is pregnant.

The treatments are usually round to kill all the adults in the intestine, but no lasting effect. This means that the cats can be infected. It is nott easy, whether a return was unaimal infection during treatment must be on a regular basis in order to attend. Probmesure is that young cats the ride and handling has improved since the age of 6 weeks and still remains within the recommended product to adulthood.

How can the plates with my cat?

Courts anchor through your head against the wall of the bowel and a band of continuous segmentsNth, each filled eggs. The segments gradually adopted and in the faeces. These areas rizet may seem like a worm for a short time before they are dry. The type of tapeworm is now a new cat by fleas. Immature chips collect feces from infected cats and cats accidentally swallow infected with chips, an adult? own toilet. There is also a rare species of tapeworm, the mice, rabbits and other rodents completing hisLifecycle. This parasite is sleeping in the muscles and other organs of an pMALL by rodents or rabbits and cats are infected when they feed on these animals.

How often should I treat my cat?

This depends on each individual situation cats. Some cats, cats from the inside, is never-May be issued on and do not require repeated treatments, which were eliminated at once, like a kitten. Tues products are generally used for the treatment of La Rioja, are not included in the Lages for pets, the persistence of re-infeccinTed immediately after treatment. Most veterinarians recommend treatment of all animals 3-6 months, but the cats do much hunting May often need. You should contact your veterinarian for advice on the best way to control the infection in your pet.

are in other problem?

Es is a kind of circular (Angiostrongylus) that live in the blood vessels affected cats. Severe infection with this worm is a disease of the lungs and heart, but can also cause problems with blood clotting. Other worms that are in the lungs and respiratory tract Mai also cause cough. Experiments are required to by this parasitic infection, but can be treated.
ankylostoMeine whip and are rare in cats in pet shops today, fromhe can from time to time a large number of cats are? together. Infections with a large number of to cause diarrhea and weight loss. Many medications used to the other on the Earth are also against this.

How can I prevent that?

In addition to funds regularly worm your pets, there are a number of other measures setting out the worm, the cat to cat or a cat in the population.
? Wenn your cat uses the toilet, like a garden, and cleaning of sewage, or buried them in a sealed bag in the trash.
? Check your cat for the chips and the number of regular treatment with a product recommended by your veterinarian. The chips are nombreuxau during the summer and autumn, but the whole year under good conditions to survive.
? The kids have their fingers and other objects in their mouths, and you can come into contact with den eggs of the worm. Make sure their hands after playing in all the open spaces of May, as the toilets were by cats. Remember that the greatest risk is infected children after the other children not from your cat. Also carefully Gatoartculos, videos and a good cat

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