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how to collect the bees

If you are not allergic to bee keeping, bee business meeting is an opportunity for someone who is not a lot of money and acres to play an active role in agriculture. The start of the structure, which cost on average about $ 300 per structure (it is enough, is one). Once a structure is in a corner of your garden, it is not uncommon for the houses of the environment with a structure of abeilles.

If you intend to create ene structure, the first thing to do is call your local extension Cooperacinvos. Can they say that if you live in a neighboring region for the maintenance of the bee. May they are also the coordinates of the body that beekeeping can be a beekeeper.

The next thing to do, a possible location for the bee structure.

Once Sieeine place for their nest to go to acquire the necessary facilities to ensure the success of the structure. Some of the equipment can be purchased on eBay. If you do not find that you need on eBay, there are a number of online sites where you have the equipment. If you need more help to find and buy a structure and material bee business, contact your local Cooperative Extension or The Association of Beekeepers Verbesserungricain.

Before the takeover of its structure is important to ensure that they are protected, which means that the beekeeper is nothancompra or art.

Once your place is in the structure, and you're sure everything is in order if the order of the bees. The easiest way is the bees of a beehive is created. You must agree to the plan of the bee at the start of winter, the average uneBeja apiculturist orders in January and February. The Befehlgeliefert is usually in March and April. Most ships of the U.S. apiary bees through the mail. When the bees arrive at the post office in Poprimera your company called and asked the bee. Very few mail carriers are at home in the circle drive with a car full of anger young bees in your car, and most bees are healthier if they do not move Vaira hours in hot car.

accept his bees have to be packed in a special box, which is only available for the bees. This arrangement is a house with a wooden frame that has a display, which is outward. ThesePackaging allows the air for the passengers and keep the bees manipulators, like the postal employees of a serious.

If your bees, do not be surprised if you muertas the bees, on the fonvon packaging. Travel is for the bees, and you can not expect to live in the journey. The other bees were clutch the sides of the container.

Note that the bee in the container was separated from the rest of the hive.This its queen. The rest of the bee into the container the rest of the hives of bees in their superiors. Some apiaries ship the Queen with a young nurse bees. The upper part of the pure in a container filled with some candy.

should be included in a container that is filled with a sucrose solution. This solution of sugar is what the bees feed on them while traveling. Once the bees them something to drink. You can do thisn by one and spray coberturacion container with a thin, out of the water.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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