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infrared technology termite

mesesNo An exciting innovations in the field of control of pests is the use of infrared technology and the control of termites. It uses infrared technology to detect heat in small spaces and is ideal for use in termite mound, ie, to recognize that the large colonies and make it easier for the pest to determine the location of the infestation and effectively deal with the problem.

The search for termites can be difficult, even in the knowledge that it is important when deciding on the right program for eradication. The traditional method is simply to touch the wood with the back with a screwdriver or the holes in the walls to draw or even to distinguish.

infrared technology and termite control now offers a Nr.uveau system deteccion high technology, the fast, efficient and requires no damage to the House.

infrared technology and the control of termites is used with greater frequency, since it can easily dedetectar the presence of termites, simply by placing a small camera at the end of a rod and fine handling of the device, the swarms of termites.

As the mass of termites to cooperate aufmadera it when there is more. Therefore, the infrared technology and the control of termites go.

Imaging Technology erkennt thermal heat patterns. Termite attack when the building, the natural heat through the walls, floors and the roof be changed because of the presence of termites. The thermal imaging camera records this change in the nature of heat and shows the exact location of Infektionention of termites.

a color image shows the hot spots as red or yellow, and cold spots that the blue or violet and the warmth of these models show infestation of termites. This means that the Infrarot technology and the control of termites can be much more efficient than the usual way, a termite inspection.

In contrast, the termites are cold-blooded insects, so how can they produce chaleur? Termites are the guests for bacteria in your intestines, and the decomposition of bacteria and digest the cellulose, the main component of wood. It is the digestion and the chemical reaction that generates heat.

For this Grund is the infra-red technology allows you to review the situation of termites and termite hills much easier, so that the pest company targeted areas where termites and effective treatment.

The beach couples that infrared technology and the control of termites is a set of very efficient with the latest tools in the fight against pests, so they a good job for you - the consumer.

When the Termits inspector is on the lookout for termites, they often are to a certain amount of damage at home, pour see if it is evidence that the termites have been there. This means that the Apertura holes in the walls, floors, etc.

With the infrared technology and infrared cameras, all actors in the fight against pests have to do is a hole the size of the camera. The camera is on the small end of a hose, which the doctors for the arthroscopic surgeonie.

This means that the hole is, is very low. Once the device is inserted into the hole, he sends a imagetrs clear that the examiner the possibility to damage the termites in the walls and floors.

discriminacinturbance course everything in one area, the termites termites are active, to a new position in order to avoid interference. This May disrupt treatment showed that the auditors propose.

The camerhat can heimlich in a form which the examiner det, to see where the termites are the entry and then make proposals to the areas where I think we moved into the termite. That is why it is so important that employees and authorized inspector look at your property to find out the extent of termite infestation.

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